LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Friday, June 22, 2012


It really feels like summer here now, temps in the upper 70's everyday.
Yesterday right after I got up, the morning light was perfect for taking pics of wildflowers in my yard.
The purple ones are beautiful, and the native grasses and bushes show life and majestic beauty against the background of the Rockies in the distance.
I enjoy everyday the new plants and animals that abound here....prairie dogs scurrying and playing with each other across the driveway, chipmunks searching for tidbits of food, and new birds calling across the "prairie" here.  
I am grateful to be living out here in the country and feels like where I grew up sometimes.
The gentle breezes coming in my windows keeps me cool.  As I sit in silence, I give thanks for what nature provides us.  
And it is Good.



Monday, June 18, 2012

I wish I had a......

well....a helper.   Someone to help me do the mechanical installing the new camper door lock assembly.  The handle fell off during the recent camping trip, and managed to get it home with the door bungied shut.   So now I have the new parts, and marched out today to install them.  I got the old one off, the new part inside....door shut and latched perfect, then I put on the outside handle and the part than goes through the door to turn the inside latch.  I had to drill new holes because the old holes weren't lined did that, screwed on the outside handle and tried the door from the inside.   It wouldn't latch, not even come close.... %^$#$$#%/!!!    frustrated to say the least...I quit when my son called to talk, and he heard my venting about the whole thing.  lol   Poured me a strong one....classic COKE...took a break, and went back out for more.....I even tried to dremel the new part to fit the old inside assembly, taking off the new one inside, and putting the old inside part back on.  The new handle part works with this old part, so I'm going to modify the new handle part that goes through the hole and fits in a hole on the inside mount.     Now?  I'm sitting inside finishing my drink...and thinking I should just wait til tomorrow....geeezzz....I just need someone to fix this for me!   I can do most anything around the house, but not right now.     maybe later today when it's cooler and the sun isn't bearing down on me out there.    hottest day of the year so far, with the wind blowing.  
I can't take the heat, so I"m glad I'm up here in the mountains and not down in Denver.   It's still in the 30's and 40's at night and it's just fine with me.

I went to the Frisco, CO BBQ festival last weekend, and had a good time with Alicia and Satori.  Nice to out and about around humans again.  ha     We sampled some BBQ, watched the baby pig races, and Satori took a ride in those huge plastic balls with her inside. 

Guess I should tell ya....I broke my right little toe when I was in Kansas over a month ago, jammed it on my bed but good.   It swelled up right away and turned purple.   We knew a Dr's visit wouldn't do any good, so we wrapped it, so my little toe was immobile.   And I went about having a good time.  Well last week, it still hurt, was still inflammed after wearing it taped for a month, so decided I wanted to know if it was broken or not.   So I went to the Dr and had xrays....broken!    Dr said it had already started healing okay, so she taped it back up and off I went.    She said it'll take at least 4 more weeks to heal.  drat
I've been doing way too much for the past 5 weeks on my foot.  It hurts at night and at the end of the day.    I gotta try and stay off it for pity sake....guess it's better than having a cast. 

Yesterday afternoon, I wanted to get outside (from resting my foot LOL), so Paddy and I took a walk around my lot here, out behind the barn and around the back of the house out by the fence.   We scared a big jack rabbit...watched him run a few yards, then stand up on his hind he was a big fella...he ran off to the other side of the pasture, and we continued on our walk.    I went outside the fence out through the trees I see everyday out my window.  I paused to look at the kewl trees out there and all the "firewood" on the ground I'd wished I'd had last winter to start fires with.    We walked the perimeter, and looked over toward's Pikes Peak.   I could see smoke from a fire!     So I took some pics and came inside to look online....yep fire over by Lake George that started that afternoon. in Park County makes me a little nervous.  It's a long ways away....they call it the Springer Fire.  It's still burning today, I can see the smoke drifting from it, not here so far TG.     Some wild flowers are growing in my yard, too.   I treasure and am grateful to be living here in the "wild". haha

 Moral of the story of my camper follies today.....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

1st Camping Trip of 2012

Last weekend was my 1st camping trip.  Alicia, Satori, and Steve joined me to camp by Gross Reservoir west of Boulder. We'd never been to this area before.  I spent 4 days getting my camper loaded and ready. It was empty, so I organized gear and food and clothing in there.  The fun part of going camping is the getting ready!    Planning for meals, deciding what to take to eat, and what gear will be needed.   We picked up Steve in Boulder and drove out the canyon to Magnolia Road.  Man that was a difficult and steep road for my truck and camper.  Took us 2 hours to find a place we wanted to camp.   We had to park along the road on the ridge above the lake.   Beautiful lake!   gorgeous views     It was getting dark, so we set up for the night and ate a simple meal.  It was nice sitting there by the trucks and camper.  The stars were out and we could see the lights of Denver and Boulder.  Little did we know, the High Park Forest Fire was blazing to the north up west of Fort Collins. We had no cell coverage, so were out of the loop most of the time. 
Next morning we moved a canopy, our chairs and a table down the hill to where it was shady in the forest.    We sat there in the hot part of the day.   Temps were in the high 80's during the day and 40-50 at night.....we're used to camping at higher elevation, so this trip was warmer.    Saturday we drove out to the end of the road above the lake and hiked down the trail towards the lake.   It was farther than we we sat on a rock covered outcrop in the shade and rested and took pictures.  
Sunday we packed up and drove out and back to Boulder.  We were going to The Indigo Girls concert that evening, so Steve went home and we got a hotel.   We couldn't wait to take a shower!!   so dirty from the blowing dust for 3 shower ever.   :)   The concert was good.   Sleeping in a hotel instead of my camper and the rest in tents was wonderful.  A continental breakfast the next morning, then we headed for home.      I love camping with my kids and grand-daughter.   It was just the 4 of us this time.       some pics.....

Friday, June 1, 2012


oh my...where has the past couple of months gone?  Every month goes faster than the one before....getting older makes it speedier?   I am settled in at home's an adjustment after being away so long, and with friends and family around all the time, it's hard to be home alone again, but I will adjust again. 
I stayed at my parent's house, and enjoyed doing things with my Mom and Dad.  Lots of shopping with Mom and my sisters.   Fishing with my Dad and sister on Tuttle Creek Reservoir, where we set a trot line in a cove, and ran it twice before bringing it in.  Caught 4 big channel catfish.  Dad cleaned them and filleted them all, so I could bring home a few more packages to eat and share with my kids.
oh guess I'd better tell the dumb thing I did the day after I got there.   Mom and Dad have a queen bed that sits high from the floor, so I have to have a step to get up on it.  I put the little wooden step from when I was a kid by the bed.   First thing when I went back in there, I stubbed my right little toe to kingdom come!   Hurt like Heck, and swelled up right away.   I'm still wearing a wrap on it to keep it close to my other it's either fractured or broken. No sense going to the Dr....same treatment that I'm doing.  It's been 2 weeks today, and it still hurts, so I have to keep it wrapped and wear a shoe to support it.   
I was busy the whole time I was there, from shopping to eating out to going to Mom's big garden to water, more shopping, and the fishing.  Dad kept Paddy most of the time we were out.  He loves Paddy and they had a good time together.  Paddy loves Mom, too, getting on their laps each morning.  :)
It's a long drive...8-9 hours, and just me to do the driving.   I stopped often to rest my back and get gas.    Wheat fields there are almost ready to May!   so early this year, and they haven't had any rain, so dry there. 

Our ride on Dad's pontoon to go set the lines.

Mom has a garden in the city community garden, and it's filled with vegetables.  The lot is free with free water.  She loves to garden!

We attended my nephew Andrew's High School graduation and his party in their backyard.  Denise and Ed had friends over to celebrate with hamburgers, chips, fruit, and a big cake.  

We went to Council Grove to meet my sister Pam for lunch after she finished her last day of teaching.   She was so relieved to get this year overwith. We went to her house outside of Wilsey for the afternoon...sitting on her big porch sipping on tea and lemonade.    We also went to the Wilsey cemetery to decorate graves.   There we saw my Dad's sisters' Velma and Geneva.  It was good to see them again.  

More pics of the lake

Graduation Party. Dad sitting.

My hand holding one of the channel cat fish.

This is Andrew and Mom sitting on Pam's porch.

And of course my traveling companion and my buddy Paddy.