LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Hummingbirds are back from their winter journeys.  I saw one buzzing around the bird feeder last week, so I got out the newly purchased feeder, filled it up and hung it out front near the bird feeder. I can see both from my living room.  A ruby throated hummingbird is feeding on my feeder...have only seen one so far.  So beautiful with iridescent green back feathers.  Such a perfect creature.
There's elk lying in the field south of here, and pronghorn wandering out back.  Being in a place to see wildlife everyday--there's nothing like it where most people in the world live.  I am grateful to be lead to this place for my year in the mountains.    Every window in my house has a different and peaceful view outside. 
Mother's Day was wonderful this year.    Alicia and Satori invited me, David and Steve to her house.  Alicia cooked gourmet meals and we ate.  :)    It was nice to be together again, the last time was Christmas.    
May is half oh my...time flying.   The next 4 months are going to go fast, too.   My lease is up mid-September here, and plan to leave this place to move on to my next adventure.   And it will be good.
I am grateful for time every morning to sit and enjoy my coffee and relax in my robe and slippers before I start my day, whatever it brings. 

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