LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Today I woke at 4am..who knows why...still awake at 530, so I got up at 6am. The sun was coming up looking over the still and cloud free skies of South Park.  I haven't been up this early for a long time.  It's sure pretty outside right now.  So I made a pot of coffee and added some wood to the stove.  It's actually pretty warm in here this morning...62.  :)    31 outside at sunrise.   It's going to be a beautiful day today.   
My purging quest continues with another 3 boxes I went through yesterday.  oh my, so many receipts I'd saved..not needed anymore, and a ream of paper documents that will all go in the stove to burn.  Not sending any of it to the landfill, since personal info on them.   My wood stove is handy for many things besides heating.
I still haven't found a new firewood supplier, will keep looking til I find someone.  So I'm using the logs left in my yard by the former tenant.   Pine and aspen logs which aren't split...and I'm not able or have the equipment to do the ones that will go into the front door of my stove, I'm burning them!  They burn a long time, and just need a few sticks to get them started.  Free wood and I'm burning it.  There's a chain saw in the barn....hmmm...maybe should try I could run it.    more on that later....   lol
Since I haven't been in a relationship for over a year, I've gotten used to doing it all by myself. But sure would be nice to know someone.   That's not going to happen.....I'm leaving here in September.   I can't wait to start my next path and journey.    I'll have all my household purged and packed to move into storage.  Less is More!   believe me this is true....    I sit and see all my cluttery belongings in here, and just want them all to go away.   BUT  I have many treasures and favorites of my moose collection and dragonfly collection to name just two.         The next project is my 7 foot tall bookcase that's crammed with all kinds of things.   Sure feels good to simplify simplify.

This is one pic I took last weekend when Alicia, Satori, and I took a drive east of Jefferson in search of good camping spots.  We found many places out there, and some beautiful spots overlooking South Park.  More awe-inspiring spots to just look at the surrounding mountains, smell the pines, and feel the mountain breeze in our hair.        
And we will camp this summer!    

Here's two more pics from last weekend.....driving on Four Mile Creek Rd towards Leadville from Fairplay.   Pictures don't do it have to be here.

  It's only 8am...time to get my cereal and almond milk, and start my day. Who knows where it will lead?        

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