LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring means time to clean?

I guess that's the premise of Spring cleaning.  I don't usually do "spring cleaning", but lately my house and belongings are overwhelming me with too much "stuff" laying around on everything.  Time to get the lead out!    It's so warm today I can go outside in a t-shirt.    1st I swept the porch and moved some things like chairs and a table around so can sit out there.   I moved firewood and stacked it outside the door, where it's easy to get to.   The tarp I put up last winter to keep the wind and snow from drifting in front my front door came down.  Looks nice out there, ready for anyone to come over and sit and have a cold one with me.  Come on over.   I also moved my clotheslines from inside the house to the outside, where they're in a place where noone can see them from the road.  I don't want to anything to think I'm "grapes of wrath" status.  lol    Now I can hang my clothes outside and the breezes will soften and dry them in the sun. 
I spent time in the living room and the "plant" room moving things around, too.  The big desk that I did beading on this winter went back to the bedroom.  Now it's just plants and a few simple things on the wire shelving I have plants on.  sure looks better.    Now the living room...put things away that I'd brought out from the bedroom and bathroom and was laying on my coffee tables.  Everything is put away where it belongs.   Topped everything off with vacuuming.  I like it.
ok there's still the book shelf over there that remains to be gone through. I"m going to pack most of it for moving in the fall.  Less to pack later.   I'm going to sell my over-stuffed beige living room furniture before I move.   Less to store, then I can buy something simple when I return and rent another the mountains of course!     Would like to be closer to Denver this time.  Closer to shopping and be with my friends "down" there.   :)    I have a plan, and it's in process.       So excited, too.   
It's time for some iced tea and relaxing.  Paddy is relaxing next to me, too.  :)
Last evening at dusk, I looked out the window and saw a herd of elk close to my yard!   They were in the trees that sit about 100 feet from my mental measurement....   it was too dark to get a pic, so I went outside and stood and watched them graze.  They perked up when they saw me, but didn't move away. And a big jack rabbit lopped by just over fence as the elk were walking around. here with all the wildlife is so special and I'm so grateful.     A bluebird flew by my kitchen window this morning! 
It's been a good day so far.  I feel good that I have the time and energy to make my world a nice and better place to live.
My view everyday....  Life is Good.

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