LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May is a glorious month

May is the month when the Earth awakens and blossoms in the mountains.  I am grateful to be here right now, experiencing a mountain Spring.   Even if it snowed 2 days ago and made it look like January again, I endured the "set back" to the warm temps and everything turning green again.
Yesterday after the sun came out and started to melt the snow;

 Isn't he cute?

I sit here enjoying my morning coffee and watch the birds on my little bird feeder just outside the living room window.  

My "job" that keeps me busy is progressing nicely to unpack, re-organize, purge, and repack the boxes from my move(s).   Sure feels good to be "rid" of things I haven't used, will never use, and let go of "things" that I've treasured.  One of my back bedroom closets was full to the top with boxes, and now only 3-4 are left in there to go through.  The other bedroom closet is half emptied of boxes, too.  I can see the end.  Garage is looking less, too.   feels good.   I feel good about myself and how I'm becoming the woman I'm supposed to be.

Full Moon last weekend over my valley. This was taken the night before the full moon, since it was cloudy on the night of the actual full moon.

I going to venture over to Buena Vista today to do some shopping and get some gas.  Gas is $4.09 here in Fairplay.  yikes....  It's a good thing I don't have to drive much.

Time to get dressed and have my breakfast.  It's going to be a good day to be out and about.  

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