LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

138 Days

Today I am starting a countdown to my leaving where I currently live.  4 and a half months.  Summer will be nicer here thank heavens, and I'm feeling the stress and loneliness of living here alone all winter.  Some days are hard to keep my chin up, but I endure.  At least I don't get snow in anymore.  The days spent without speaking to anyone make me feel weary and tired.  I get out to town to get the mail and do some grocery shopping, but I see the same clerks at the post office and at the grocery store.   I am friendly with everyone and they are friendly to me, but I leave there and come home to an empty house once again.     I am not depressed, but can see how it would be very easy to get that way.   I have an escape planned for September.  yah!      I look forward to seeing my family more this summer. 
Today I attempted to get my fishing gear ready.   After tearing apart 3 reels without any success in fixing them, I got my open reel to work and it's not tangled as I left it last summer.  It still doesn't lock when I reel the line in all the way.   I think the new reel I purchased last summer, an enclosed one, is broken.  darn it.   If I go fishing and my reel tangles again, I'm going to scream, and buy a new reel the next time I get to a sporting goods department. 
The fishing ponds here are ready...I've seen people fishing in the big pond I can see from my window.   wonder what they're using for bait?    It's just too cold for me to go fishing...wind blowing, cold air only 50 degrees.   It has to be warmer for this lady to go out.
If I don't find something to do everyday I could go crazy.  I am tired of tv and movies, and hate the silence when it's all turned off.   Silence is deafening here, with only the sound of the wind outside.     I guess I'm having a pity party today, but it will pass.   It will pass.....
My camper is sitting empty, waiting for me to begin getting it ready for summer and my journey in September.    I want to make it look more cozy and comfortable in there.  The plain beige carpeted walls and grey carpet on the floor is boring.   The purple print curtains are the only color in there.   I want to find some fabric to cover the light green (yuck) cushions, at least cover them temporarily while I use this camper this summer and fall.    I plan to sell it and upgrade to a bigger one, one where I can have others sleep over with me.  And bigger than the size of my bathroom here in the house.  I'm not kidding!  There's only room to stand and turn around in it, plus a very small toilet closet.  ha
I've always loved my Casita camper, but it's time to get something that has a separate bed from the table, and with more storage.
The past few days I've been waiting on my wood supplier to deliver wood, and it's been a big hassle this week.   He was supposed to deliver last Friday or Saturday morning.  No phone call to say he wasn't coming, and now it's Tuesday and I don't have more wood.     I'm going to find another supplier tomorrow.  Bad business practice he's become,  and I bet I"m not the only one complaining.  so there.   rant.  I've been gathering limbs in my yard to burn and thank goodness David sent me home with a load of wood where he took his old deck apart.     The living room is usually around 54 when I get up in the mornings...oh I want to live where it's warmer!     just sucks I can't use the electric heaters in here due to the cost of running them.   rant.
I think I need a day away from here, maybe a trip to Breckenridge or Silverthorne for some shopping therapy or over to Buena Vista.  I can't spend alot on frivolous things, but can enjoy looking and getting out and seeing and being around some people.     rant.
First I have to get some wood delivered.  
I am looking forward to going back to Kansas in 2 weeks for a visit.  That will make May go faster, then June, July, August summer.   Summer is very short here in the mountains.   Can't have a garden, too short growing season, not even in containers.   rant.
I guess I"m in the ranting mode will pass..  it always does.
Life is Good but not so good today.  

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