LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back from a trip

Hi.   I've been gone for 2 weeks to Kansas visiting family, and I returned yesterday.  Had a fun-filled 2 weeks!   After my 9 hour drive, I'm still tired, so today I've done some things here in the house, unpacked my clothes and put them away, decided to take it easy the rest of today.  
The aspens are all full of leaves now, glistening in the wind, and some new wild flowers appeared.    My hummingbird feeder is attracting them, and I can't tell if it's just one hummingbird or different ones feeding separately.  I think it's only one.   
I did some shopping while I was gone to make the camper nicer inside and more storage equipment.  
so more later.....

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Hummingbirds are back from their winter journeys.  I saw one buzzing around the bird feeder last week, so I got out the newly purchased feeder, filled it up and hung it out front near the bird feeder. I can see both from my living room.  A ruby throated hummingbird is feeding on my feeder...have only seen one so far.  So beautiful with iridescent green back feathers.  Such a perfect creature.
There's elk lying in the field south of here, and pronghorn wandering out back.  Being in a place to see wildlife everyday--there's nothing like it where most people in the world live.  I am grateful to be lead to this place for my year in the mountains.    Every window in my house has a different and peaceful view outside. 
Mother's Day was wonderful this year.    Alicia and Satori invited me, David and Steve to her house.  Alicia cooked gourmet meals and we ate.  :)    It was nice to be together again, the last time was Christmas.    
May is half oh my...time flying.   The next 4 months are going to go fast, too.   My lease is up mid-September here, and plan to leave this place to move on to my next adventure.   And it will be good.
I am grateful for time every morning to sit and enjoy my coffee and relax in my robe and slippers before I start my day, whatever it brings. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May is a glorious month

May is the month when the Earth awakens and blossoms in the mountains.  I am grateful to be here right now, experiencing a mountain Spring.   Even if it snowed 2 days ago and made it look like January again, I endured the "set back" to the warm temps and everything turning green again.
Yesterday after the sun came out and started to melt the snow;

 Isn't he cute?

I sit here enjoying my morning coffee and watch the birds on my little bird feeder just outside the living room window.  

My "job" that keeps me busy is progressing nicely to unpack, re-organize, purge, and repack the boxes from my move(s).   Sure feels good to be "rid" of things I haven't used, will never use, and let go of "things" that I've treasured.  One of my back bedroom closets was full to the top with boxes, and now only 3-4 are left in there to go through.  The other bedroom closet is half emptied of boxes, too.  I can see the end.  Garage is looking less, too.   feels good.   I feel good about myself and how I'm becoming the woman I'm supposed to be.

Full Moon last weekend over my valley. This was taken the night before the full moon, since it was cloudy on the night of the actual full moon.

I going to venture over to Buena Vista today to do some shopping and get some gas.  Gas is $4.09 here in Fairplay.  yikes....  It's a good thing I don't have to drive much.

Time to get dressed and have my breakfast.  It's going to be a good day to be out and about.  

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday makes me feel good.

When I wake up on a Sunday, I still feel the calm and relaxing anticipation for the day.  A day of rest?  I think of it kinda different.   It a feeling I get to know I can decide to do nothing or something.   my choice
"Sunday Morning Show" on CBS is always my routine, together with coffee, and maybe eat my breakfast then, too.   Time to sit back in my robe and let the show take me away for an hour and a half.  Usually heart-warming stories...stories of people you'd never ever come to know about.   good show
Old fashion oatmeal was my choice of breakfast today, with some raisins sprinkled in and some cinnamon.  yum   good to eat and good for me
Someone told the weatherman to send some cold air and maybe some of that white stuff in today.  Clouds have moved in....I'm hoping it's mostly rain.  So doing stuff outside or in the garage today is put on hold.  I did go into the garage and poked around in some boxes.  I have Steve's camping gear ready to give to him, complete with his tent that I sealed all the seams so it doesn't leak.   thankyou Mom!  :) 
My purging and reducing my "stuff" continues. It's a habit now to grab a box everyday and go through it.   3 boxes today already.      It's time to quit that and enjoy Sunday.
Yesterday I watched the Kentucky Derby---wow that was an exciting finish.  1st time the jockey raced at the Derby....his horse flew past the horse that was going to win, in time to win the race.    I watched "The Iron Lady" yesterday, too.  My, Meryl Streep did a good job...she won the Oscar for it.   I didn't know Margaret Thatcher's story of her life.     I've been watching the Rockies baseball games, too, but lately I've had to go to bed before it was over, because I couldn't stay awake.  lol   
It's quiet wind today. I have a fire burning in the stove to take the chill off, and I'm relaxing this afternoon.         a good day

I love my life and where's it's taking me.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring means time to clean?

I guess that's the premise of Spring cleaning.  I don't usually do "spring cleaning", but lately my house and belongings are overwhelming me with too much "stuff" laying around on everything.  Time to get the lead out!    It's so warm today I can go outside in a t-shirt.    1st I swept the porch and moved some things like chairs and a table around so can sit out there.   I moved firewood and stacked it outside the door, where it's easy to get to.   The tarp I put up last winter to keep the wind and snow from drifting in front my front door came down.  Looks nice out there, ready for anyone to come over and sit and have a cold one with me.  Come on over.   I also moved my clotheslines from inside the house to the outside, where they're in a place where noone can see them from the road.  I don't want to anything to think I'm "grapes of wrath" status.  lol    Now I can hang my clothes outside and the breezes will soften and dry them in the sun. 
I spent time in the living room and the "plant" room moving things around, too.  The big desk that I did beading on this winter went back to the bedroom.  Now it's just plants and a few simple things on the wire shelving I have plants on.  sure looks better.    Now the living room...put things away that I'd brought out from the bedroom and bathroom and was laying on my coffee tables.  Everything is put away where it belongs.   Topped everything off with vacuuming.  I like it.
ok there's still the book shelf over there that remains to be gone through. I"m going to pack most of it for moving in the fall.  Less to pack later.   I'm going to sell my over-stuffed beige living room furniture before I move.   Less to store, then I can buy something simple when I return and rent another the mountains of course!     Would like to be closer to Denver this time.  Closer to shopping and be with my friends "down" there.   :)    I have a plan, and it's in process.       So excited, too.   
It's time for some iced tea and relaxing.  Paddy is relaxing next to me, too.  :)
Last evening at dusk, I looked out the window and saw a herd of elk close to my yard!   They were in the trees that sit about 100 feet from my mental measurement....   it was too dark to get a pic, so I went outside and stood and watched them graze.  They perked up when they saw me, but didn't move away. And a big jack rabbit lopped by just over fence as the elk were walking around. here with all the wildlife is so special and I'm so grateful.     A bluebird flew by my kitchen window this morning! 
It's been a good day so far.  I feel good that I have the time and energy to make my world a nice and better place to live.
My view everyday....  Life is Good.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Today I woke at 4am..who knows why...still awake at 530, so I got up at 6am. The sun was coming up looking over the still and cloud free skies of South Park.  I haven't been up this early for a long time.  It's sure pretty outside right now.  So I made a pot of coffee and added some wood to the stove.  It's actually pretty warm in here this morning...62.  :)    31 outside at sunrise.   It's going to be a beautiful day today.   
My purging quest continues with another 3 boxes I went through yesterday.  oh my, so many receipts I'd saved..not needed anymore, and a ream of paper documents that will all go in the stove to burn.  Not sending any of it to the landfill, since personal info on them.   My wood stove is handy for many things besides heating.
I still haven't found a new firewood supplier, will keep looking til I find someone.  So I'm using the logs left in my yard by the former tenant.   Pine and aspen logs which aren't split...and I'm not able or have the equipment to do the ones that will go into the front door of my stove, I'm burning them!  They burn a long time, and just need a few sticks to get them started.  Free wood and I'm burning it.  There's a chain saw in the barn....hmmm...maybe should try I could run it.    more on that later....   lol
Since I haven't been in a relationship for over a year, I've gotten used to doing it all by myself. But sure would be nice to know someone.   That's not going to happen.....I'm leaving here in September.   I can't wait to start my next path and journey.    I'll have all my household purged and packed to move into storage.  Less is More!   believe me this is true....    I sit and see all my cluttery belongings in here, and just want them all to go away.   BUT  I have many treasures and favorites of my moose collection and dragonfly collection to name just two.         The next project is my 7 foot tall bookcase that's crammed with all kinds of things.   Sure feels good to simplify simplify.

This is one pic I took last weekend when Alicia, Satori, and I took a drive east of Jefferson in search of good camping spots.  We found many places out there, and some beautiful spots overlooking South Park.  More awe-inspiring spots to just look at the surrounding mountains, smell the pines, and feel the mountain breeze in our hair.        
And we will camp this summer!    

Here's two more pics from last weekend.....driving on Four Mile Creek Rd towards Leadville from Fairplay.   Pictures don't do it have to be here.

  It's only 8am...time to get my cereal and almond milk, and start my day. Who knows where it will lead?        

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

138 Days

Today I am starting a countdown to my leaving where I currently live.  4 and a half months.  Summer will be nicer here thank heavens, and I'm feeling the stress and loneliness of living here alone all winter.  Some days are hard to keep my chin up, but I endure.  At least I don't get snow in anymore.  The days spent without speaking to anyone make me feel weary and tired.  I get out to town to get the mail and do some grocery shopping, but I see the same clerks at the post office and at the grocery store.   I am friendly with everyone and they are friendly to me, but I leave there and come home to an empty house once again.     I am not depressed, but can see how it would be very easy to get that way.   I have an escape planned for September.  yah!      I look forward to seeing my family more this summer. 
Today I attempted to get my fishing gear ready.   After tearing apart 3 reels without any success in fixing them, I got my open reel to work and it's not tangled as I left it last summer.  It still doesn't lock when I reel the line in all the way.   I think the new reel I purchased last summer, an enclosed one, is broken.  darn it.   If I go fishing and my reel tangles again, I'm going to scream, and buy a new reel the next time I get to a sporting goods department. 
The fishing ponds here are ready...I've seen people fishing in the big pond I can see from my window.   wonder what they're using for bait?    It's just too cold for me to go fishing...wind blowing, cold air only 50 degrees.   It has to be warmer for this lady to go out.
If I don't find something to do everyday I could go crazy.  I am tired of tv and movies, and hate the silence when it's all turned off.   Silence is deafening here, with only the sound of the wind outside.     I guess I'm having a pity party today, but it will pass.   It will pass.....
My camper is sitting empty, waiting for me to begin getting it ready for summer and my journey in September.    I want to make it look more cozy and comfortable in there.  The plain beige carpeted walls and grey carpet on the floor is boring.   The purple print curtains are the only color in there.   I want to find some fabric to cover the light green (yuck) cushions, at least cover them temporarily while I use this camper this summer and fall.    I plan to sell it and upgrade to a bigger one, one where I can have others sleep over with me.  And bigger than the size of my bathroom here in the house.  I'm not kidding!  There's only room to stand and turn around in it, plus a very small toilet closet.  ha
I've always loved my Casita camper, but it's time to get something that has a separate bed from the table, and with more storage.
The past few days I've been waiting on my wood supplier to deliver wood, and it's been a big hassle this week.   He was supposed to deliver last Friday or Saturday morning.  No phone call to say he wasn't coming, and now it's Tuesday and I don't have more wood.     I'm going to find another supplier tomorrow.  Bad business practice he's become,  and I bet I"m not the only one complaining.  so there.   rant.  I've been gathering limbs in my yard to burn and thank goodness David sent me home with a load of wood where he took his old deck apart.     The living room is usually around 54 when I get up in the mornings...oh I want to live where it's warmer!     just sucks I can't use the electric heaters in here due to the cost of running them.   rant.
I think I need a day away from here, maybe a trip to Breckenridge or Silverthorne for some shopping therapy or over to Buena Vista.  I can't spend alot on frivolous things, but can enjoy looking and getting out and seeing and being around some people.     rant.
First I have to get some wood delivered.  
I am looking forward to going back to Kansas in 2 weeks for a visit.  That will make May go faster, then June, July, August summer.   Summer is very short here in the mountains.   Can't have a garden, too short growing season, not even in containers.   rant.
I guess I"m in the ranting mode will pass..  it always does.
Life is Good but not so good today.