LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Looking good out here

Definitely Springtime animals around, prairie dogs and ground squirrels and new birds flying here.  My tulips are coming up, at least I think they're tulips.  :)
Time to prepare my camper for the summer!   I pulled it down to my son David's house last weekend, so he could fix the water line under the bathroom sink.  Easy fix, just replaced the connectors.  Now it's ready to start over putting things in.  First I will clean it really good.  All my camping gear is in the garage since last Fall when I emptied the camper.   Plan to go through all of that, and only put what is really needed this time.   I will start with cleaning the carpet from RV antifreeze that leaked from a loose kitchen sink faucet water line.  always something....

David and Holly are now proud owners of their first camper!  no more sleeping on the ground in tents.   They are so excited!    I saw it and we all sat in it and talked about what they're going to put in it.  fun...

Time is going fast since Spring is here.   It's four and a half months til my journey begins...  Journey living full-time on the road.  I've been preparing for it this winter by downsizing my belongings here to go into storage in September, and live in my camper in between visiting family and my plans to go to southern California next winter to live.   My dream to be a Snowbird is in the works.   My little camper will be okay until I can upgrade to a bigger one in the Fall.   This year here has been a teacher for me to learn to live simpler and with less.
Today I spent the morning posting ads on Ebay to sell some of my musical instrument collection.    Guitar, mandolin, bowed psaltery, autoharp, and have more to put up for sale.   I am keeping one autoharp and my acoustic guitar for my travels.
My dream of massage therapy will come alive, as I've looked into getting other states certified massage therapist licenses.    at last...    

So some of you reading my blog will probably be surprised to hear all this!   You know me....I'm an adventurist and love the also know I'm not afraid.      You'll be able to follow me and my treks to new and unseen places in the US.  
I don't have any new pictures to share today.   I wish you could see it outside here.   Warm in the 60's and don't have to wear any jacket!   what a change from the past 6 months here. 

But 1st I will enjoy a Colorado high country summer.....and it will be outside.
                        Life is definitely good and getting better all the time.

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