LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kansas trip

I returned from a trip to Kansas yesterday to go to my niece Samantha's wedding....was gone over a week, and got to see alot of my family there. Mom and Dad, both sisters and their families, and all the wedding guests.   Kody's family is from Alabama, and traveled to Council Grove, KS for Sam and Kody's wedding.    It was a beautiful wedding, reception and dance, and all the preparations we helped Pam with were fun, too.     Pam did so much for this wedding!     We were never hungry...  The hills of eastern Kansas are so gorgeous right now in the springtime...flowering trees and bushes all in full bloom, and everything is so green and lush, with the lilacs and red bud trees in full bloom.
Steve and I returned on Monday to David and Holly's house, where I stayed 2 nights before driving home yesterday.    Steve and I enjoyed our road trip together, and I was so thankful he went with me....he did most of the driving.  nice.  It was good to spend time with Steve again.    He helped Jan, the photographer for the wedding....she gave him her extra fancy camera to take pictures of the guests coming into the church and also pictures of the wedding party coming down the aisle from the front.   He really enjoyed taking pictures....reminded me of his Dad Jim and his photography hobby he loved so much. 
I don't have my pictures uploaded yet, so will post some later.       I'm still recouping from exhaustion from all the wedding prep and festivities.....we were all tired when it was over.     I can't wait to see Jan's pictures.
I came home and all the snow is gone here. yah!   just some lingering on the mountains.    Spring is definitely here.     May no more snow storms arrive!

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