LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Offline for almost a week!   So now I have all new equipment for internet access as of yesterday, and faster, too.    I've been enjoying it here with all the snow melted, and is Spring in South Park.  The elk and pronghorn deer are back, grazing in the pastures here, a welcome sight after the long hard winter.    Last night at dusk, I looked out my front window and spotted an elk in my driveway.  :)   I watched as 4 of them walked across my driveway to stand behind the pines in my front yard.   Tried to take pics with night setting on my camera...they watched me for awhile as I stood quietly in my yard, then they turned and jumped the pasture fence.

These are grainy, but you can see them looking at me.  The pronghorn deer came back last week, too.    It's nice to see them all again after all the snow is melted.    I have tulips coming up that I didn't plant, and many kinds of birds have returned.  Paddy and I enjoy looking out the windows at all the wildlife, and look forward to more. 
This bird appeared last week:   woodpecker?
There was a snow storm last weekend and I hope it's the last one..but have to get through May morning, I think it was last Sunday, these ice crystals appeared on my kitchen window....a sign of the elk and deer feelings.  :) 

  Remember when this window showed Father Christmas in December?   Nature is speaking to us.

This is my view to the east of Pike's Peak with the elk majestic with the elk out there.    

Life is Good.  

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