LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Friday, April 27, 2012

Blue skies and beauty of nature

This is a woodpecker in the aspen tree outside my window.  Can't see his red head, but he a fine specimen of a wild bird here.  You can see the aspen buds are progressing to leaves....still brown, but soon the huge groves of aspens here will be green and on their way to summer breezes and beauty of a Colorado summer.

We've had some rain in the past few days. yah!  so dry here.    I haven't heard thunder and lightning for awhile and love the sound of the rain.   The pastures and my yard are beginning to show some green grass coming up finally.    Let's keep the rain coming! 

Elk are coming to graze almost everyday now.  Pike's Peak in the distance...I just love seeing this view everyday.  I never get tired of it.      I was able to get some good pictures of the elk the other evening.  Ahhhh...makes my heart sing.

I am tired of happy it is gone...would love it to just rain now.    It's been a brutal winter for me here, and I'm ready to move on after this summer.  I love the mountain way of life, but next place I live in Colorado will be a mountain home with a furnace!  and a wood stove.  Just to be able to flip the thermostat on in the mornings instead of having to build a fire to keep warm.   I love it here, but am tired and weary of being cold.      I ordered more wood today, and probably will have to use the stove this summer in the cool evenings, since I live at 10,000 feet elevation.          I am grateful I can stay in my robe and slippers every morning and get dressed whenever I feel like it.

I was walking in my yard and saw this rock covered with lichen.  Isn't it pretty?

Last week I drove back into this area and checked out the ponds here for this neigborhood to fish in.  Private ponds.  This area is gated so not everyone and their dog can get in here.      some pics of the ponds and the grand view from above where my house sits.....

 Paddy loves when I catch a fish....maybe he's dreaming of it right now....

 That's my blue barn and house down there....

I live in a beautiful place and am so very grateful to be here for this time in my life.      And it is good, very good.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Looking good out here

Definitely Springtime animals around, prairie dogs and ground squirrels and new birds flying here.  My tulips are coming up, at least I think they're tulips.  :)
Time to prepare my camper for the summer!   I pulled it down to my son David's house last weekend, so he could fix the water line under the bathroom sink.  Easy fix, just replaced the connectors.  Now it's ready to start over putting things in.  First I will clean it really good.  All my camping gear is in the garage since last Fall when I emptied the camper.   Plan to go through all of that, and only put what is really needed this time.   I will start with cleaning the carpet from RV antifreeze that leaked from a loose kitchen sink faucet water line.  always something....

David and Holly are now proud owners of their first camper!  no more sleeping on the ground in tents.   They are so excited!    I saw it and we all sat in it and talked about what they're going to put in it.  fun...

Time is going fast since Spring is here.   It's four and a half months til my journey begins...  Journey living full-time on the road.  I've been preparing for it this winter by downsizing my belongings here to go into storage in September, and live in my camper in between visiting family and my plans to go to southern California next winter to live.   My dream to be a Snowbird is in the works.   My little camper will be okay until I can upgrade to a bigger one in the Fall.   This year here has been a teacher for me to learn to live simpler and with less.
Today I spent the morning posting ads on Ebay to sell some of my musical instrument collection.    Guitar, mandolin, bowed psaltery, autoharp, and have more to put up for sale.   I am keeping one autoharp and my acoustic guitar for my travels.
My dream of massage therapy will come alive, as I've looked into getting other states certified massage therapist licenses.    at last...    

So some of you reading my blog will probably be surprised to hear all this!   You know me....I'm an adventurist and love the also know I'm not afraid.      You'll be able to follow me and my treks to new and unseen places in the US.  
I don't have any new pictures to share today.   I wish you could see it outside here.   Warm in the 60's and don't have to wear any jacket!   what a change from the past 6 months here. 

But 1st I will enjoy a Colorado high country summer.....and it will be outside.
                        Life is definitely good and getting better all the time.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Offline for almost a week!   So now I have all new equipment for internet access as of yesterday, and faster, too.    I've been enjoying it here with all the snow melted, and is Spring in South Park.  The elk and pronghorn deer are back, grazing in the pastures here, a welcome sight after the long hard winter.    Last night at dusk, I looked out my front window and spotted an elk in my driveway.  :)   I watched as 4 of them walked across my driveway to stand behind the pines in my front yard.   Tried to take pics with night setting on my camera...they watched me for awhile as I stood quietly in my yard, then they turned and jumped the pasture fence.

These are grainy, but you can see them looking at me.  The pronghorn deer came back last week, too.    It's nice to see them all again after all the snow is melted.    I have tulips coming up that I didn't plant, and many kinds of birds have returned.  Paddy and I enjoy looking out the windows at all the wildlife, and look forward to more. 
This bird appeared last week:   woodpecker?
There was a snow storm last weekend and I hope it's the last one..but have to get through May morning, I think it was last Sunday, these ice crystals appeared on my kitchen window....a sign of the elk and deer feelings.  :) 

  Remember when this window showed Father Christmas in December?   Nature is speaking to us.

This is my view to the east of Pike's Peak with the elk majestic with the elk out there.    

Life is Good.  

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Welcome Spring to the High Country

The snow is all gone and the plants and trees are awakening from the Colorado deep winter, and I am glad.   Harsh winter here, but I love living up here in the high country.   I saw a herd of elk in the pasture south of here, and must have been 50 of them.  wow....the sight of wild animals returning makes my heart sing.

There are tulips coming up outside my front door and the aspens are budded out with their pussy-willow type buds.   Nature is the best ever here, and will continue to give me daily doses of beauty.

Sunday was Easter, and Alicia and Satori invited me and my son Steve to their house.  We had a great time together, eating Alicia's organic and gourmet meals, playing Telestrations game, and watching them play Just Dance.   It was so nice outside in the 60's, we got to sit outside and enjoy the outdoors there with Breckenridge snow covered mountains.

Life is Good

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kansas trip

I returned from a trip to Kansas yesterday to go to my niece Samantha's wedding....was gone over a week, and got to see alot of my family there. Mom and Dad, both sisters and their families, and all the wedding guests.   Kody's family is from Alabama, and traveled to Council Grove, KS for Sam and Kody's wedding.    It was a beautiful wedding, reception and dance, and all the preparations we helped Pam with were fun, too.     Pam did so much for this wedding!     We were never hungry...  The hills of eastern Kansas are so gorgeous right now in the springtime...flowering trees and bushes all in full bloom, and everything is so green and lush, with the lilacs and red bud trees in full bloom.
Steve and I returned on Monday to David and Holly's house, where I stayed 2 nights before driving home yesterday.    Steve and I enjoyed our road trip together, and I was so thankful he went with me....he did most of the driving.  nice.  It was good to spend time with Steve again.    He helped Jan, the photographer for the wedding....she gave him her extra fancy camera to take pictures of the guests coming into the church and also pictures of the wedding party coming down the aisle from the front.   He really enjoyed taking pictures....reminded me of his Dad Jim and his photography hobby he loved so much. 
I don't have my pictures uploaded yet, so will post some later.       I'm still recouping from exhaustion from all the wedding prep and festivities.....we were all tired when it was over.     I can't wait to see Jan's pictures.
I came home and all the snow is gone here. yah!   just some lingering on the mountains.    Spring is definitely here.     May no more snow storms arrive!