LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Signs of Spring and Chicken Butterflies

I can feel and see signs of Spring here.  Magpie birds have returned and am hearing coyotes call in the early mornings.  The coyotes are always here, but have heard them this week.   Days are getting longer and the sun feels different, with the temperatures getting warmer on average each week.   I can smell it, too.   Crisp clear skies and crisp clear air outside.      I am ready.   :)

Yesterday I decided to roast a whole chicken, and wanted to bake it with herbs, so the skin was golden brown.    I have never butterflied a chicken before, and wanted to try it...another new adventure in the kitchen.     I've seen it done on TV multiple times and remember the movie "Julia & Julie" scene where Meryl Streep and Julie is de-boning a duck.   hilarious.... 

   So I washed and dried the chicken, prepared to stick the knife in.....took a deep breath....and cut that chicken's back bone out.  :)   Chicken relaxed and opened with the legs and wings laying flat on the cutting surface, like a snow angel.     She was free!   
I turned her over and cut off all the fatty undesirable parts from her, leaving a beautiful chicken ready for a trip to the oven.  She was "dressed" with garlic, onion powder, italian herbs, coarse ground pepper and salt.   Then she was drizzled with olive oil, kinda like slathering on sun oil all over.  She went onto a cooking pan on top of a rack.  Prepare for your demise in the oven girl!  :)
A 450 degree oven and in she went for 45 minutes, uncovered.     I set the timer and resisted opening the oven door, instead I looked in the oven window several times.  The house filled with aroma of herbs and then I was getting hungry, and could hardly wait to have some.   But wait!  When she emerged from the hot oven, I had to cover her with foil to sit for awhile to let the juices set.  Kinda like that scene in "The Christmas Story" movie where the Dad kept going into the kitchen and pulling off pieces of turkey.

          At last the time to uncover the bird and pull/cut off one leg and thigh.    OMG....delicious, if I say so myself.    I will never bake a whole chicken in one piece ever again...I can't wait to try it on the grill!      so here's the before and after pics of my first butterflied herb roasted chicken.


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