LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Monday, March 19, 2012

On the cusp of Spring

wow the past 2 weeks have been beautiful here!    Warm and most of the snow melted, and spring birds appeared in my yard....robins, mountain bluebirds, magpies, and some little birds I couldn't identify..  and coyotes yapping in the night.    The air felt different, too.       It was so nice to get outside without a jacket on!   I gathered a box of pine cones to use in my wood stove to start fires....and they smell good.  Paddy loved going outside where he could walk on the dirt instead of snow, and I think he sensed a change, too, or he was on the scent of some animal that had been near. 
So it's colder today, since the cold front came in yesterday with blowing snow and sleet most of yesterday, but today the sun is shining on the small amount of snow on the fields here.   
I've been watching the NCAA basketball games since Friday...and I really enjoyed getting to see the tournament this year.   There were some big upsets and bracket busters!   :)     3 of my final 4 picks are still in it.   fun
The socks I was knitting for Satori were finished and a pair that I started over a year ago are my latest project to finish.   I don't like having unfinished knitting projects, but I paused to knit Alicia and Satori matching pairs.   
Here's the ones I just finished for Satori....I can't wait to give them to her.

 The picture project was finished last week, too, and all the bins are back in the extra bedroom.   They went from 10 boxes and bins to 4 bins.   I scanned all the really old pics of when I was little, and some documents saved.  I love my new printer/scanner!    I successfully installed it use use wireless across the room!  kewl!  
You know how you feel in a rut with your furniture arrangement?  It helps to move some furniture around to help the old all know what I'm talking about.    So Saturday I did some trading spaces with 3 chairs in here to open up the living room space, and so I could sit in my rocking chair in front of the window.  It's nice to sit here and rock with my legs on the gliding ottoman....watching TV and movies, and knitting, with a hot cup of coffee or hot tea, with the stove burning to heat up this room.

I cleaned the glass on the stove!   It was covered with black soot on the inside so much I couldn't see the flames.  Much nicer!

It's March 19 already 2012!  I've been here over 5 months. wow    Time does go faster every year.    This is my year to reflect and renew my spiritual path and my path to the future, and it is good.   I love where I am, and am grateful for all I have been given.    I am excited and happy to be able to do whatever I choose and go wherever I choose in the future.   I am free.

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