LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mornings are my favorite

As I sit enjoying my coffee and the warm fire every morning, I am grateful, so grateful to be where I am in my life.  I get up with the sun each day about the same time, although daylight savings time has messed with that this week, so I get up actually and hour later on the clock.   I relish the morning time, where I can sit with my back to the sun coming up above Pikes Peak in the distance.  Some mornings I stay a little longer here in my nightgown with computer and some tv show I've taped or the morning news show.   This morning I'm watching America the Wild on National Geographic commercials and my favorite subject--The Outdoors and all the adventures Nature offers.   I think I should be living by the oceans or seas....I feel drawn to the water for some reason.  It feeds my soul, and it's been many many years since I saw the ocean.  So now that I'm retired, I am free to make plans to visit or live where I am drawn to, and it's in the planning stages.  
It's been warm here for over a the 40's each day, making the snow melt, except where the big piles are.   The views now remind me of when I moved here back in September.  Vast acres of land to the south and east untouched by houses and roads are seen from my windows, and give me peace and contentment.  I still have to start a wood fire in the mornings to take the chill off in here, but the sun coming in all the windows here soon warms it up in here.  I let the fire go out, and re-light it in the evenings.    It's amazing how I can live here without using any heat when it's in the 20's and 30's at night here.  Man wastes carbon's time man changes it's glutinously waste of our natural resources.    The wind and sun is free energy,and the sooner man harnesses them, the better.  I hope for my descendants the Earth will be revered and saved.

I was craving something sweet on Sunday, so I made some cupcakes with a spice cake mix, and can of pumpkin.  I added spices of course, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg.  For an extra taste of sweetness,  I mixed cream cheese with some granulated sweetener, and put a dollop in the middle of each cupcake before baking.   Low calorie treat for me, and my quest for a smaller me.  I'm getting smaller and I feel fantastic, to be back where I was 6 years ago in my size/weight makes me feel proud of myself.    It's time to be rid of the grannie panties.   :)    You all know what I'm talking about..  lol    We all know we save the smaller sexy ones in the back of our drawer for the times they fit.   :)

I finished my pictures project yesterday, and the bins are back in the bedroom, all organized (mostly), and downsized.    I scanned all the really old ones.   Do I still look like this?         It amazing how my grand-daughter Satori looks like me as a child.   

I think I was around 2 here.


Life is Good, really Good.

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