LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's March!

March is coming in as a lion for sure. There are no lambs within 500 miles. LOL   I've been through another round of being snowed in late last week...just my driveway...all roads open but my path to the road.   So it was plowed 2 times in 2 days, so my daughter and grand-daughter could get in here to visit.    Their visit was so nice for me last weekend.  We didn't do much, stayed inside, too cold outside and too windy.   I made wonton potstickers and we cooked them together Saturday for dinner.  1st time making this version...good but next time will be better. :)    We watched the movie "Hugo" and was pretty had just won several Oscars.      They went home on Sunday.     I had to move my Dr appt to Monday (yesterday) because of the snow on Friday, so I drove over there yesterday afternoon and spent the night at their house.   Alicia made bierocks, and Satori and I "helped".    With a glass of wine we shared, it was a nice meal.
I drove home today after shopping for groceries.   It's so windy today, but very warm!   45 degrees!   very nice.      getting ready for the next snow "showers" they say tomorrow and this week.       I'm used to it now.   Just as long as I have plenty of firewood. 
Yesterday as I was leaving for Breckenridge I saw some tracks in the snow just outside my garage door.   big ones with claws, so I took a quick pic.     Maybe a mountain lion?  or maybe a BIG dog?
what do you think?  they're about 3 1/2 inches across

I looked the tracks up online, and still can't decide.    The thought of a mountain lion is more exciting than a local dog.   :)

So I'm healthy as a horse, per my Dr.    good, since I plan to live to 95.  :)   Just the aches and pains of arthritis sometimes. many days til Spring?......

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