LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

power out last night

I experienced my 1st power outage last night here...and it was cold and dark for 4 hours from 3am to 7am.    I woke at 3, noticed it was pitch black and the bedside clock was off.  I don't know when it actually went off, so I got up and checked the was out, so I went back to bed to keep warm.  (no heated mattress pad)   I managed to keep warm til 645, and hated to leave the warm bed.   I called my landlord, and left a message.   By the time I got back out to the living room at 7 and she was calling me, the power came on.   so thankful it did!   51 degrees in here is mighty cold.   Next time I'll call the power co myself when it goes off, but I imagine my whole area here was out.   The wind blew hard all night and is still blowing hard makes so much noise, you can't hardly hear anything else.   I put on more layers and got the stove going.   Paddy was cold, too, he immediately layed by the stove to keep warm.  poor guy.
By 10am, it was warm in here, but the bedroom remains chilly.  It takes alot more wood to keep the stove going in high winds, and I have all the vents closed on the dern thing, sucks it right up the chimney!    Even if I close the stove damper, it still burns like heck.    oh well...have wood, will burn it.
Today I made Paddy a new batch of dog treats.  He loves them!    He stood at my feet the entire time I was making and baking them, so he got a few bites of the dough and a cooled "cookie" when they were done.   This time I'm putting most in the freezer;  some molded last time when I left them on the counter.  "no preservatives"
TV is boring!  tired of it all day.   nothing on but crap.   yes crap.    Music is better, and a book on tape, "Blizzard", about the 1860 blizzard on the eastern seaboard with no warning.
It's 1pm, so I'm having a cup of green tea, with agave nectar...yum...  I didn't sleep very good, so am going to rest now, listen to the gale outside, and close my eyes.    praying the power stays on tonight.....

I really really have spring fever and it's months away.

later.....  I'm not really unhappy here, what some may think by reading this.  I feel I'm still in withdrawal of being in the warm desert just last week.   It's a jolt to my attitude to come back my solitary and cold place of home.   I am living my dream, and some day's are not as uplifting and "happy" as others.   I make myself happy, and it's not anything but my attitude that affects me recently.    I need to feel pleasure everyday, and it's up to me to make that happen.   Pleasures of being retired and can do what I want are mine for the taking.   I am grateful, very grateful, and don't like when I turn to whining.   whining is a waste of energy.     I've been sleep deprived since I got home and together with the nasty weather,  it makes me whiny.    I apologize to myself.  I am sorry.      In a couple of days I plan to be with some friends again, and am looking forward to getting out of the house for that.
I always look forward to some evening shows on TV, my knitting, and the pleasures of living where I do.       Life IS Good.

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