LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I think it's a good day to stay in a robe

The high winds and blowing snow are back since last night...knocked out my internet overnight...glad it's back on this morning.   I'm still in my robe, sweats, slippers at reason to change, not going anywhere, and I'm warmer.   The fire went out completely last night, so I said "forget about it", shut my bedroom door, turned on the heater on low, and went back to bed.   It sure takes more wood when it's so windy, so I'll be bringing more than one load of wood from the garage today.    I love the wood stove, but it's different when you have to use it to stay warm instead of for a nice wood fire to enjoy.   not complaining, but it makes me think about living where it's warmer next winter!    I love the country life style...simple and good.   The TV provides my connection to the outside world and hearing people talk....sometimes I chit chat with them.   lol
I was flipping channels this morning and turned on the Martha Stewart show on Hallmark channel...watched that, then Mad Hungry show came on.   awesome and easy recipes she's making, so I'm going to record the series everyday.  She has a website, too, to save the recipes.   yummy recipes to make later.
I decided to read Eat Pray Love again, since I only listened to the audiobook 2 years ago when I was driving to massage school.  I've seen the movie multiple times, but the book has much more than the movie.  I checked it out of the Fairplay library on Saturday.   As everyone says, "this book is about me" is true.  life-changing story, and I relate to all her feelings and situations and how she changed her life in a year.      I am meant to read this book now.  I saw a segment on the Oprah show a few weeks ago before my trip, and it told me to read her story again.    

let's go here! 79 degrees today!  :)

My job I started on Sunday to go through all my pictures is going ok, but I'm waiting until I can get a new printer/scanner, so I can scan alot of them, and get rid of the paper prints.   There's no reason to save the paper copies, because I never look at them;  use digital images from my computer now. 

I just noticed the barn door is hanging by one hook at the top, so I went out there, and couldn't get into the barn because ice is blocking the doors.  Called the's time to do some repairs here!  The wind about blew me over.
so I'm in my clothes now...but the robe is really close.  :)

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