LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Getting used to the cold again

Snow on the ground here and snow coming in again...hoping not much down here, most of it north over the passes.   a good thing.....Coming from below sea level back to 10K here is a jolt!  :)   Still missing the warm of Indio, CA.    My body sure liked it there.  
Today I decided to go through all my pictures in boxes, so I brought 10 boxes of pictures and 2 boxes of saved paperwork and documents to go through.  I only got through 2's going to take awhile to do this job, and my pictures are from many many years.   I might try to scan them and get rid of the paper copies; it depends on how fast a scanner I use.    My printer won't work at all, so I'm looking for a replacement printer/scanner.  Just one of the downsizing jobs to do here..yes more purging....the "stuff" is weighing me down, and don't need much to live comfortably.  
Here's a pic of my Dad making another shawl on their deck. He's adding the fringe.   He's making shawls to sell at the art show there and upcoming crafts fairs.   He sells them for $50, $5 shipping if anyone is interested.   
As I sit here, I'm thinking about the warm and palm trees!     It'll

Tonight the Amazing Race show starts up favorite!   I always talked about being on that show with my daughter or son.    It'd be so much fun to race around the world and adventures in places unknown before you get the clue.

Since I got home on Friday, I've been watching shows I taped while I was gone, and am almost caught up.  LOL     TV is one of the things I enjoy very much, and movies.  

Mom and Dad's house with Mom's flowers and plants. 

Life is Good  :)

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