LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Busy and content

Well, I've been busy since I last wrote.  Last Saturday I had a day trip to Denver to have lunch with Barb and Linda at Elephant Bar.   good food, good conversation.  I did some shopping and was back home at 330pm.   I had to make it a short trip this time...I only have a few days with an open window to travel anywhere and not get snowed in.   
I've been working on going through a life worth of pictures in lots of boxes. I try not to stop and look at them as I go....I'd never get it done.  :)  I'm putting them all in plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes, and plan to scan some on my new printer/scanner, another way to purge and downsize my "stuff".
Today is a snow day again....I woke up to blowing snow and had been snowing all night.  So grateful I don't have to get grateful.    I remember everyday how lucky I am to be able to be where I am now.  
And now a moment from Maxine.......   :)

It's a wonderful day to be alive.   

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