LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Back from two weeks in Southern California

I returned 2 days ago from my trip to Indio, CA.  Visiting Mom and Dad in their RV resort was so much fun to be in the warm desert there.  We kept busy everyday....there's so many activities and friends there!     I stayed in a unit to sleep, where the owner was away.   Very nice to have my own place to sleep and unpack, and not crowd Mom and Dad in their unit.   Mom and I ran around together most days.  Dad was busy making shawls and going to paint his oil paintings at the clubhouse.   I layed by the pool several times, and could only be there around an hour, since the sun was so intense.   Warm temps 70's to low 80's most days, with a couple of days of cooler temps with rain.
We went out to eat, went to various shows, spent time with friends in their places, and twice had people over to eat with us.   Mom hosted an afternoon gathering for her home-made cinnamon good....we had the deck and driveway all set up for guests, then the wind and sand started to blow!   so we quickly moved it to the little clubhouse with Jan and Bev's help in their golf cart....neighbors across the street, (Canasta friends).   The next day Jan and Bev hosted a dinner.   We went to 2 Jam Sessions where people played guitars, violins, harmonica, spoons and keyboard.    Mom and I went to her Red Hats luncheon at a local golf course.    I enjoyed all the blooming flowers and plants there, and palm trees!    We drove out to the vegetable fields once and picked up artichokes off the ground where they had harvested the huge field of artichokes.   Fields of cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, grape vines, strawberries were there where we get our vegetables in our grocery stores.   All the fresh fruit and veggies are low cost there.
We went to the US/Canadian dinner where everyone dressed up in western clothes, and enjoyed the show they put on.   what fun!
I took pics and will share some here.   My daughter kept my dog Paddy while I was gone. He was glad to see me and me him!   :)
Now I'm ready to become a snowbird, too.   The warm weather felt so good on my joints and muscles. 

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