LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day

Leap Year is every 4 years, right?  so I have to post today, it'll be 4 years til another Leap Day...just thinking how old I'll be in 4 years...yikes!   :)
I'm continuing to go through all my pictures.   Sometimes I pause to look at some....the ones of my kids when they were growing up are the best, and have found some treasures.    I set up my new printer yesterday and scanned a few just to see how it works...great!    I have a bunch of really old pictures from my childhood that are going to be scanned first; old black and white ones of me when I was growing up in the 50's.   My family enjoys seeing them, too.   
There's another snow storm on the way for tomorrow and tomorrow night, so am waiting til Friday to have the driveway cleared.  I have plans to go to Breckenridge and come home on Saturday.   The "window" of clear weather again.  lol
Here's a pic from this morning of the snow drift in front of my porch...interesting curl on the top.

I'm looking forward to Daylight Savings change this year, even though years past I've always hated it.   Up here in the mountains, it'll be nice to see the sun longer each evening.   Spring is getting closer....maybe by April I'll see more signs of spring here.  

I made soup yesterday out of the left-over turkey from the freezer we had at Christmas.   Yummy good with onions, carrots, celery, spices, corn and peas.  Had another serving tonight.   Keeps my tummy warm and a feeling of fullness.  I'm doing good on my weight loss down to where I was over 5 years ago....feels great.  


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Busy and content

Well, I've been busy since I last wrote.  Last Saturday I had a day trip to Denver to have lunch with Barb and Linda at Elephant Bar.   good food, good conversation.  I did some shopping and was back home at 330pm.   I had to make it a short trip this time...I only have a few days with an open window to travel anywhere and not get snowed in.   
I've been working on going through a life worth of pictures in lots of boxes. I try not to stop and look at them as I go....I'd never get it done.  :)  I'm putting them all in plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes, and plan to scan some on my new printer/scanner, another way to purge and downsize my "stuff".
Today is a snow day again....I woke up to blowing snow and had been snowing all night.  So grateful I don't have to get grateful.    I remember everyday how lucky I am to be able to be where I am now.  
And now a moment from Maxine.......   :)

It's a wonderful day to be alive.   

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Snowed in

Thankful my power is on, and warm inside.  Grateful.   The driveway's going to need a plow.....

Driveway was plowed and more wood delivered today late morning.   Nice to be "free"  LOL  Didn't go anywhere, but it's nice to know I can.   More snow this afternoon and tonight... c'mon snow, I've seen enough for this week. !

Has been a good day for me.   Made a big salad for several meals, and tonight I made waffles, after seeing them on the news today.   YUM.   tasty with brown sugar AND syrup.  :)     carb overload, but I don't do this very often.    The salad I ate at lunch makes it okay. 

I decided today is the day to do my taxes for last year, and that turned out good, too.   Paddy and I took a nap...well, he napped and I shut my eyes...."woke up" refreshed after 45 minutes!   Listening to Krishna Das on my iPod was very relaxing in the background.   I actually got out my mala today, one made by my daughter for meditation.   Eat Pray Love book and movie has inspired me to bring back meditations and reflections of gratitude and positive thoughts.    I am grateful for the unlimited time in my life now for resting and directing my mind towards the light. 

My friend Laura Taylor has been posting the most beautiful pictures, so I would like to honor her by showing one here.
What a beautiful peaceful place!   I can see myself sitting in this place and taking in the quiet and smells of nature.      good job Laura T!

The wood stove is crackling tonight and the winds ceased finally, so it's time for a glass of "joy".    

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

power out last night

I experienced my 1st power outage last night here...and it was cold and dark for 4 hours from 3am to 7am.    I woke at 3, noticed it was pitch black and the bedside clock was off.  I don't know when it actually went off, so I got up and checked the was out, so I went back to bed to keep warm.  (no heated mattress pad)   I managed to keep warm til 645, and hated to leave the warm bed.   I called my landlord, and left a message.   By the time I got back out to the living room at 7 and she was calling me, the power came on.   so thankful it did!   51 degrees in here is mighty cold.   Next time I'll call the power co myself when it goes off, but I imagine my whole area here was out.   The wind blew hard all night and is still blowing hard makes so much noise, you can't hardly hear anything else.   I put on more layers and got the stove going.   Paddy was cold, too, he immediately layed by the stove to keep warm.  poor guy.
By 10am, it was warm in here, but the bedroom remains chilly.  It takes alot more wood to keep the stove going in high winds, and I have all the vents closed on the dern thing, sucks it right up the chimney!    Even if I close the stove damper, it still burns like heck.    oh well...have wood, will burn it.
Today I made Paddy a new batch of dog treats.  He loves them!    He stood at my feet the entire time I was making and baking them, so he got a few bites of the dough and a cooled "cookie" when they were done.   This time I'm putting most in the freezer;  some molded last time when I left them on the counter.  "no preservatives"
TV is boring!  tired of it all day.   nothing on but crap.   yes crap.    Music is better, and a book on tape, "Blizzard", about the 1860 blizzard on the eastern seaboard with no warning.
It's 1pm, so I'm having a cup of green tea, with agave nectar...yum...  I didn't sleep very good, so am going to rest now, listen to the gale outside, and close my eyes.    praying the power stays on tonight.....

I really really have spring fever and it's months away.

later.....  I'm not really unhappy here, what some may think by reading this.  I feel I'm still in withdrawal of being in the warm desert just last week.   It's a jolt to my attitude to come back my solitary and cold place of home.   I am living my dream, and some day's are not as uplifting and "happy" as others.   I make myself happy, and it's not anything but my attitude that affects me recently.    I need to feel pleasure everyday, and it's up to me to make that happen.   Pleasures of being retired and can do what I want are mine for the taking.   I am grateful, very grateful, and don't like when I turn to whining.   whining is a waste of energy.     I've been sleep deprived since I got home and together with the nasty weather,  it makes me whiny.    I apologize to myself.  I am sorry.      In a couple of days I plan to be with some friends again, and am looking forward to getting out of the house for that.
I always look forward to some evening shows on TV, my knitting, and the pleasures of living where I do.       Life IS Good.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I think it's a good day to stay in a robe

The high winds and blowing snow are back since last night...knocked out my internet overnight...glad it's back on this morning.   I'm still in my robe, sweats, slippers at reason to change, not going anywhere, and I'm warmer.   The fire went out completely last night, so I said "forget about it", shut my bedroom door, turned on the heater on low, and went back to bed.   It sure takes more wood when it's so windy, so I'll be bringing more than one load of wood from the garage today.    I love the wood stove, but it's different when you have to use it to stay warm instead of for a nice wood fire to enjoy.   not complaining, but it makes me think about living where it's warmer next winter!    I love the country life style...simple and good.   The TV provides my connection to the outside world and hearing people talk....sometimes I chit chat with them.   lol
I was flipping channels this morning and turned on the Martha Stewart show on Hallmark channel...watched that, then Mad Hungry show came on.   awesome and easy recipes she's making, so I'm going to record the series everyday.  She has a website, too, to save the recipes.   yummy recipes to make later.
I decided to read Eat Pray Love again, since I only listened to the audiobook 2 years ago when I was driving to massage school.  I've seen the movie multiple times, but the book has much more than the movie.  I checked it out of the Fairplay library on Saturday.   As everyone says, "this book is about me" is true.  life-changing story, and I relate to all her feelings and situations and how she changed her life in a year.      I am meant to read this book now.  I saw a segment on the Oprah show a few weeks ago before my trip, and it told me to read her story again.    

let's go here! 79 degrees today!  :)

My job I started on Sunday to go through all my pictures is going ok, but I'm waiting until I can get a new printer/scanner, so I can scan alot of them, and get rid of the paper prints.   There's no reason to save the paper copies, because I never look at them;  use digital images from my computer now. 

I just noticed the barn door is hanging by one hook at the top, so I went out there, and couldn't get into the barn because ice is blocking the doors.  Called the's time to do some repairs here!  The wind about blew me over.
so I'm in my clothes now...but the robe is really close.  :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Getting used to the cold again

Snow on the ground here and snow coming in again...hoping not much down here, most of it north over the passes.   a good thing.....Coming from below sea level back to 10K here is a jolt!  :)   Still missing the warm of Indio, CA.    My body sure liked it there.  
Today I decided to go through all my pictures in boxes, so I brought 10 boxes of pictures and 2 boxes of saved paperwork and documents to go through.  I only got through 2's going to take awhile to do this job, and my pictures are from many many years.   I might try to scan them and get rid of the paper copies; it depends on how fast a scanner I use.    My printer won't work at all, so I'm looking for a replacement printer/scanner.  Just one of the downsizing jobs to do here..yes more purging....the "stuff" is weighing me down, and don't need much to live comfortably.  
Here's a pic of my Dad making another shawl on their deck. He's adding the fringe.   He's making shawls to sell at the art show there and upcoming crafts fairs.   He sells them for $50, $5 shipping if anyone is interested.   
As I sit here, I'm thinking about the warm and palm trees!     It'll

Tonight the Amazing Race show starts up favorite!   I always talked about being on that show with my daughter or son.    It'd be so much fun to race around the world and adventures in places unknown before you get the clue.

Since I got home on Friday, I've been watching shows I taped while I was gone, and am almost caught up.  LOL     TV is one of the things I enjoy very much, and movies.  

Mom and Dad's house with Mom's flowers and plants. 

Life is Good  :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Back from two weeks in Southern California

I returned 2 days ago from my trip to Indio, CA.  Visiting Mom and Dad in their RV resort was so much fun to be in the warm desert there.  We kept busy everyday....there's so many activities and friends there!     I stayed in a unit to sleep, where the owner was away.   Very nice to have my own place to sleep and unpack, and not crowd Mom and Dad in their unit.   Mom and I ran around together most days.  Dad was busy making shawls and going to paint his oil paintings at the clubhouse.   I layed by the pool several times, and could only be there around an hour, since the sun was so intense.   Warm temps 70's to low 80's most days, with a couple of days of cooler temps with rain.
We went out to eat, went to various shows, spent time with friends in their places, and twice had people over to eat with us.   Mom hosted an afternoon gathering for her home-made cinnamon good....we had the deck and driveway all set up for guests, then the wind and sand started to blow!   so we quickly moved it to the little clubhouse with Jan and Bev's help in their golf cart....neighbors across the street, (Canasta friends).   The next day Jan and Bev hosted a dinner.   We went to 2 Jam Sessions where people played guitars, violins, harmonica, spoons and keyboard.    Mom and I went to her Red Hats luncheon at a local golf course.    I enjoyed all the blooming flowers and plants there, and palm trees!    We drove out to the vegetable fields once and picked up artichokes off the ground where they had harvested the huge field of artichokes.   Fields of cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, grape vines, strawberries were there where we get our vegetables in our grocery stores.   All the fresh fruit and veggies are low cost there.
We went to the US/Canadian dinner where everyone dressed up in western clothes, and enjoyed the show they put on.   what fun!
I took pics and will share some here.   My daughter kept my dog Paddy while I was gone. He was glad to see me and me him!   :)
Now I'm ready to become a snowbird, too.   The warm weather felt so good on my joints and muscles.