LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Winter back today

It starting snowing at 130 pm here...I watched as it came over the mountains....a white cloud descending into my valley.   Soon it started to snow...little flakes, now fine flakes blocking the view across the plain.   Guess I've been waiting for it all day.   :)  I love weather-watching.    It's the weekend, so take the days off?  smile.....I really don't feel like doing much today anyway.   I finished up the 2 beading projects, and knitted on the hat I started last night.  It's already about 4 inches, this time out of some mohair/acrylic blend, washable of course. 
The firewood I ordered will be delivered today....thankful because I'm down to a 24 hours worth left.   I could always turn on the electric heaters, but I vow not to use them!   I can't afford a high electric bill. 
As I sit here without the TV on, I hear my clocks ticking, no other sounds.  The wind isn't blowing with this snow thank heavens, at least so far.  
I made a kettle of chili this morning, and steamed a head of cauliflower.  Do you if you put cauliflower on top of the chili when you eat it, it's wonderful!     good eats I say...
Last night I watched the KState vs Arkansas Cotton Bowl game...KState lost, but it was a good game!   They all played really hard...defense incredible on both teams.   So today I watched a couple of shows taped last night, 2 of my favorites:  Gold Rush and Flying Wild Alaska.   Also Dr Oz I tape everyday, some good ideas, some not.  :)

Do you know what this is?  :)  
It's a solar powered yard ornament dragonfly.  I have it in a plant facing the southwest window, and it charges during the day and comes on when it gets dark.  It changes colors from blue to green to red to purple to orange.  I used it last summer when we were camping, a nice touch outside my camper at night.  btw, you can get them at True Value hardware stores or home improvement stores.   

Today I'm going to just hang out and do whatever...maybe nothing.....pick up my knitting,  watch some TV....take a nap? my book.
Thankful today is here and I can do nothing. 

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