LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Monday, January 2, 2012

What a pretty day

Now that the holidays are past once again, it's my time to create and follow a new that benefits my health and well-being...  to be whole again.      I ate too many sweets and other icky foods the past 2 weeks, so time to get back to the way of eating as before.  Scales show a couple of pounds added, which makes me feel like I am going backwards.  It's okay, it's always okay....
Today is a beautiful day here, so pretty outside, and warm, in the 40's.     Paddy and I, (my dog), went for another walk today, this time longer and farther.  We walked out the long driveway, down the road past the entry gate and back.  Felt good to be outside breathing the clean, crisp air we have everyday here.   The trees are standing still, so wind or breezes today.   I looked across South Park to the south along hwy 285, so many miles I can see....Antero Reservoir in the distance and the mountain range of Collegiate Peaks south of Buena Vista.     South Park valley seems as if the whole world opened up when you come over the passes into it.     I love it here.  :)  Years past when I drove out here, the vista coming over Kenosha Pass always pulled at me to live here.   Retirement made it possible for me to live here. 
 I love my new life.

.......and I began doing yoga again today....had been too long....makes me feel incredible and helps my painful joints and muscles.   I found a routine on Netflix instant for people with pain, low impact, using a chair and yoga mat.     I feel better already.   
My beading is layed out again on my desk, for making jewelry and other beaded things...have some new'll have to wait until I create them....   stay tuned.   :)
There is always a knitting project on my needles.   Took time to knit a couple of dish cloths that my Mom likes so much...easy peasy and quick. 
The sun is setting behind me sitting here on the sofa, casting long shadows across my living room and yard.   Time feels like it's stopped in this moment.   oh to be alive is wonderful right now.    


Pic for today looking across my yard out across South Park.   amazing just amazing....

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