LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Sunday, January 29, 2012

What a nice day

Sunday.  A day for everyone to relax and be with friends and family.   I've had a good day.  Spent my day with my dog Paddy.  He enjoys going outside, and I think he wants to go outside just to get a treat.   :)    The homemade dog treats I made last week are his favorite.  It's been a nice day here, outside and inside. 
I made tuna salad yesterday, and have enjoyed it on whole wheat toast.  Also the energy bites are so good, I have to try not to eat them all!  
I've been knitting on Satori's socks this weekend, too.....turned the heel yesterday, so now knitting the foot.  It's the first one of a pair, and I'm making them as knee highs. They will match the pair I knitted Alicia last summer. 
My Sunday's always start out with coffee and watching Sunday morning show.  This afternoon I watched the Men's US Ice skating championships.  The pairs skated, too, and the couple from Kansas won!   I've always enjoyed watching ice skating, especially for the Olympics.   I was going to get out today to town, but decided to go tomorrow, so I can mail a pkg at the post office.   I've been packing for my trip, mostly deciding what the is least amount of clothes and shoes to take.  LOL     Tonight is the Screen Actors Guild Awards, so that's what's on tonight. 
There was a beautiful sunset the other night.  enjoy.....

........And life continues to be good.   I am grateful.

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