LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Thursday, January 19, 2012

....the weeks are flying...

Since 2012 began, my days and weeks seem to be going by fast.  It's January 19 already.  wow   Today I'm going to get back to healthy eating....I've "lapsed", as they say...eating out last weekend and eating leftover candy I bought for Christmas has raised the scales 2 pounds from where I was earlier this month!   dang.    I've been keeping a food journal, so I looked at it from when I started writing all my food down.   Sugar is the culprit.  Too many sweets.  The days I ate mostly vegetables, whole grains, and less red meat, my weight continued to drop.   dang.  :)    Also I haven't been exercising since the weather got colder.   my excuse?   when the wind is blowing and the temps are in the teens or 20's, walking outside is too cold.   my excuse....    okay Diane the whining is over.   !!   :)

Food so far today:
Coffee with creamer after I start the wood stove.
Breakfast:   2 eggs cooked in microwave with vegetable spray in glass pyrex cup.
Mid morning:  green tea with honey ( I add the honey to cover the green tea taste)  I don't like green tea, but it's full of anti-oxidents. 
so far that it's for today.    I write it down when I eat/drink it.  Water Water..when I was drinking at least one nalgene full a day, it helped to move out the you-know-what. 

I would like to drive into Fairplay, but with the winds blowing like they are, I can't take the chance of getting blown off Hwy 285.   safe is better.   And another storm coming in this weekend....will go when it's safe to drive out of here.

I'm content to stay home, cuddle with my dog, keep the wood stove going,  knitting, and counting the days to my trip to visit Mom and Dad where it's warm.  

Life is good living the simple life.

Later today.....

I made pumpkin dessert w/o the crust.  Baked it in a big cupcake pan.  I was having a sugar craving.....not getting into that candy today.   be strong...   ate one serving, good.
I had salad with avocado for lunch.   Now a cup of coffee for mid-afternoon blahs.   Looking forward to getting out tomorrow to town.  yes!
Listening to music

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