LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Washing Dishes makes it quit snowing

Yes, it's true.   Washing dishes by hand makes the snow quit.   Just happened!  After 24 hrs of blowing snow here, the sun came out with blue skies while I was washing my dishes.  Yes I have a dishwasher, but no, it isn't operating.  I don't mind handwashing dishes, is therapeutic, relaxing, and makes my hands feel good.   Just fill the sink with hot soapy water, and let the dishes "think".....rinse and stack.  :)  
I went into Fairplay on Friday, to do my usual library, thrift shop, get the mail, and grocery store stops.   The wind had lessened Friday morning after a week of high winds here, so I left and got back in time for the snow to start up.    I can't take a chance for my driveway to drift shut.    It started to snow when I was still in town, and on the way home I could see the snow blowing over the mountains down into South Park.   I stopped and took some pictures on the road into my house of the approaching storm, and I got home just in time.  

My house sits on the left of this picture just beyond the line of trees.

And one of what it looked like out my front door within an hour of getting home.

I've been doing alot of knitting this week.  It's my favorite hobby.  Yesterday I darned a hole in a sock!   My first try at darning.    So since it was a sock I'd knitted for my daughter, you can't discard hand-knitted socks.   I used a light bulb on the inside to do the stitching to cover the hole with criss-cross stitching, closing the hole nicely.   Here the result:

 I have one more pair to do for her today.   I enjoy knitting more than anything.

Today is the NFL final play-off games before the Super Bowl, and I plan to watch.   The "best" teams left.   Sad the Broncos didn't make it, but I love watching any football, college teams are my favorite.....Kansas State!   :)

This week I've been getting up in the night to add wood to the stove, and it's paid off every morning with a warm room.  I took this picture one morning this week of the sunrise.

And a pic of the clouds before the storm arrived.    Looking south towards Buena Vista area.  

  I plan to enjoy the sunshine today here inside with my knitting, cozy fire, and chili I made yesterday, with a healthy salad with avocado.  yum


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