LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A trip to Buena Vista

It's been so nice here this week, no wind, mostly sunny, and warmer in the 40's.  awesome.    Yesterday I drove over to Buena Vista to do some shopping.  I've been waiting until the roads are dry and weather permitting a safe trip.  :)
I hadn't been over this part of the highway for several years, when I used to meet my parents at Blue Mesa Reservoir for fishing and adventures at the lake and in Gunnison.  good memories!   So I took alot of pictures on my way over and back.   I have never been across here in the winter, with the snow covered valley and mountains surrounding. 
Driving south on 285

Near Wilkerson Pass

Mt Princeton and Collegiate Peaks Range

Buena Vista is a history rich town.   I did some shopping.......maybe next time will go for longer time and visit the museum and old part of town, or perhaps visit the hot springs.  :) 

Pics taken on the way home.....

South Park Valley.  Mountain on the left is near Fairplay.

I enjoyed the day getting out in the fresh air and seeing mountain vistas surrounding where I live.  

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