LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Sunday, January 8, 2012


A beautiful morning after it snowed yesterday and last night...not alot of snow...grateful for that for my driveway's sake.    Enough to cover everything again.....white and clean over the grasses and clean crisp air above.

Sunday Morning Show on....and going with a new load of wood in the garage....warming up from the 53 degrees in here when I got up.  Of course I am wearing several layers and sitting on and under one my knitted afghans...cozy, feel-good place to be. 

Yesterday I spotted a magpie in the backyard.   I see them flying all the time around here...and think they have a nest in the pine trees out there.  

I'm reading a book from the library, "Spring's Edge", by Laurie Wagner Buyer.  True story of her life here in South Park, on a cattle ranch with her husband.  Tells her daily life through a diary.   She talks about the harsh winter days, and wildlife seen in early spring....birds and flowers.    So I am looking forward to my 1st spring here, too, when the Earth awakens and warms. so the wildlife and flowers and trees come to life once more. 
The chili I made yesterday was so good, so will probably eat that again today, adding a healthy salad, from the fresh veggies I bought in Buena Vista this week.


 With a new load of firewood and plenty of groceries, I'm set for another week, except for going to Fairplay to get the mail, and "treasure-browsing" at the thrift shop.   I bought a vintage tablecloth the last time, white background with fruits in the middle and cherries around the edges.  I will add it to the vintage tablecloth I have from my childhood in the 50's that my Mom gave me.  You can't replace those old things and they don't make them anymore.      My treasures.   :)

The day is early here....with sunshine coming in the I will make some beaded jewelry and knit on the latest fashionable hat, read my book, and see what's on TV or listen to music.

and it is good, Life is Good.


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