LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Moving along...

Yesterday was my daughter Alicia's birthday, so I drove to Breckenridge on Sunday, and we celebrated with 4 other friends at Dillon Dam Brewery for lunch.   Sure nice to see them, too.  Not since last August on a camping trip.  great lunch and good times.
So I came home yesterday early morning, since the snow was starting to come in.  Alicia and Satori were going skiing yesterday, and I got home before the snow started here.  Hoosier Pass can be dicey in snow storms.   I heard later yesterday that there were 2 wrecks on that pass.    grateful to be home safe and warm.   "warm" haha.  was 54 in here, so started the fire 1st thing.   Doesn't take long for it to warm up in here.  I spent the day catching up on my DVR recordings.....   and ate the leftover burger I brought home from the restaurant.     
The past 2 weeks, my sinuses have been trying to act up again.  I believe that's why I haven't done hardly anything.   Exhaustion, headache, stuffy nose.  I don't want to get another sinus infection....the last one was horrific.   The high altitude and dry air here makes my sinuses prone to inflammation.    I used my neti pot with saline water to rinse and clean out my sinuses yesterday, and they are much better today.  And I'm doctoring myself with essential oils..... I can't get sick before my upcoming vacation!    I'm going to the warm desert to visit my parents.    
Today it was -4 degrees at 730 am.   Warmed up to 19 today.  :)   I just got back from a short drive around the neighborhood here, mainly to see if my truck would get out of the driveway, since the snow and wind blew yesterday.  No problem....not enough snow to block it.   Will see how it is tomorrow....more snow tonight and high winds. 
I took a few pictures yesterday after I got home of the clouds moving in over Pike's Peak to the south.

Snow was coming in from the north into my valley here.   The sun disappeared above the cloud cover for the rest of the day.   I was snuggled inside.   :)
Fire wood was delivered yesterday, too.   I have enough for several weeks now.  A good feeling! 
Today I finished reading the book, "When I Came West", by Laurie Wagner Buyer.  I have 2 more books from the library here.   I'll pick one of them to start today.
I made home made dog treats awhile ago.   Tested them on Paddy, and he liked them.  I was almost out of the ones Alicia made at Christmas.    They are healthy with peanut butter, whole wheat flour, and oatmeal in them, and so economic to make. 
The day is half gone already.   I have a dish cloth I started knitting yesterday I could work on.   I have to have some kind of knitting project on the needles always. Calming and relaxing hand work is good. 

Life is good. 

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