LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Lost Art of Ironing

Today dawned a clear and sunny day, with very little wind.  nice.   On Monday I drove to Breckenridge to the Dr to get meds for my sinus infection again.  Tried to fight it on my own, but needed antibiotics to knock it.  Also I got to go to Satori's basketball game.   fun.    I drove home Tuesday morning.
I've been getting my clothes ready for my trip.  Trying on summer clothes, yuck!  At least I fit into my smaller sizes.   :)    Today I"ve been doing laundry and ironing clothes to take.    Ironing is something I enjoy.   I learned to iron when I was a child next to my Mother.  She let me sprinkle the clean clothes with one of those sprinkler things that fit into a Pepsi bottle.
Here's one I found at a thrift store, just like my Mom's.  :)

I'm talking 1950's and 60's here.  Clothes were sprinkled, rolled up, and placed in a wooden basket to let the moisture spread out.  The reason is because there were no steam irons back then.  We'd let the clothes sit overnight, then Mom and I would iron.   I got to iron the handkerchiefs and the cotton dish towels.  Everything had to be ironed, because we had no clothes dryer.....all the clothes were washed in a manual Maytag washing machine on the back porch on Saturday's, all year long despite how cold or hot it was. I got to put the clothes through the ringer and let them drop into the aluminum wash tubs to rinse..then another rinse and ringer, then they were hung outside on clotheslines.   Now you know where I get my desire to hang clothes to dry.  :)   It's therapeutic and satisfying to stand and iron clothes, all fresh from washing in my home-made laundry soap.  The old days are still the best, in my opinion.
On my way home on Tuesday, I took some pictures as I drove over Hoosier Pass.  It was a snow-packed and icy is some places, but I drive slow according to the conditions.

I am grateful everyday for the life I've been given. 

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