LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Friday, January 13, 2012

Week of Reflections

Friday the 13th.  I didn't realize it until I looked at the calendar today....just another day...happens several times a year...just the way the calendar falls.... 
Another day of wind wind wind....the way it is here, at least no snow with it.  :)    I went for a short walk this morning, out to the road and back, and came back into the house.  I was bundled up, but the wind was piercingly cold, so cold I decided not to do another trip to the road and back.    It did get my heart pumping higher and got some fresh air in my lungs.   Recharged.  
"I Am" the movie.   I am watching this movie today, you'll get my review later.   It is highly recommended.   "What is wrong with this world?"

This week has been a journey of self worth. 
I am retired and should feel it's okay to do whatever I want.  However this week, I feel no determination to do anything, which is "okay".   The harsh cold weather this week has something to do with it.  Spring Fever?   Diane, it's a long time until spring even thinks about coming back here.  I feel the book I just finished, "Spring's Edge, A Ranch Wife's Chronicles", by Laurie Wagner Buyer,  is why I feel the way I do.

   She wrote about her life as a rancher's wife here in South Park, her failing marriage, and the hardships of living here.    Her life came into my heart, as I live here in the harsh cold and long winter.
I have Laurie Wagner Buyers other book now, "When I Came West".  Same woman, writing about how she came to the West in the 60's, to join a man she'd never met, to escape her life in Chicago.  Her life before she came to live in South Park.


The hat I'm knitting is in the final stages.  I finished a beaded bracelet yesterday, and dug out all the beaded jewelry I've done since I started beading in 1997. Amazing how much I really have made already.   I remember each piece and how it was made, and plan to make more like them.   Now I remember how I loved brick stitch and the bracelets I created.     The pieces are like a journal of my life.  

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