LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Monday, January 30, 2012

Historical area where I live

Beautiful day today!     Sunny, warm (upper 30's), calm and clear skies.   "the best ever"  It was nice getting outside today, to just walk outside and take in the clean crisp air. 
I've been reading books for a couple of months now, mostly about or situated in this area where I live.   Fairplay is full of historical events and places since the 1860's.   I am reading the book "Bayou Salado" The Story of South Park, by Virginia McConnell Simmons.    It was recommended at the library when I asked about books about South Park.    This book is a detailed account of how this valley was formed and about the people and mines.   What a historical place I live in!   It describes all the mines, railroads, towns, and the ebb and flow of the populations in South Park.  Plus it's full of old pictures....I am enjoying it immensely.   I like to read in the afternoons in the quiet solitude of my home.

This book has me looking forward to Spring, when I can get out and explore the places in the book.   Most of the towns and all the railroads are gone now, but the mountains remain the same as back then.
I think winter is about half over by now?  Each day is different.  Each day is a new start.    Life is Good.

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