LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Friday, January 6, 2012

A Good Week

It's been a good week here for me, because I've kept busy most of the time, that is....still have my ladycave on the sofa...   I started on Sunday, New Year's Day, of course, to eat better and exercise.  I walked Monday and Wednesday for 20-25 minutes each time, and dug out my exercise band thingey to do some stretches on upper body.  Also did yoga on Monday.    Think maybe I did too much for this body that hasn't had any exercise for awhile.  Lower back hurting alot this week, and don't think it's from moving firewood into the living room from the garage.  The yoga stretched me pretty good....should do that again today only gentler.  It makes me feel good all over, mind and body.     so that's the medical reports..    :) 

After my walk on Wednesday.....

They say snow coming this weekend.....sure has been nice this week here--no wind, snow melting, beautiful sunrises and sunsets.   Here's one from 2 nights ago:

I saw it and jumped up to get my camera, taking pics to the east and to the west.  wow, so breath-taking just to stand at my windows and watch the sun set in it's awe-inspiring beauty from Mother Nature.  
I've been watching NCAA Bowl games this week....some of them so exciting, teams tied all the way, going into overtimes, nail biters to the end.  :)    My alma mater KState plays tonight in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.  My nephew Brandon is on the team, so his family and my Mom all went to Dallas to attend the game and pre-game festivites.   They've been sending me pics.....beautiful hotel and pics from the pep rally last night in Cowboy Stadium.    I can't wait to watch it tonight!    KState plays Arkansas, and both records are the same....10 & 2.          
     ********* Go Kansas State Wildcats!!!*********

I've made 3 knitted dish cloths this week, and a beaded ankle bracelet, and started an eye-glass holder beaded necklace.   It takes me awhile to plan the project and get the right beads, sometimes starting over a couple of times.   Internet and my beading books and magazines provide inspiration, but ultimately, they are all my original designs.

My sister Pam sent me the link to join Pinterest, and have been on that alot...trying to figure out how it works.  I've found alot of good ideas there, for every part of can get sucked in and spend hours on there!     My sister Pam, and cousin Jan, have made home-made laundry soap.  Costs pennies to use and no chemicals.   Uses Borax, Arm & Hammer Washing soda, and Fels Naptha bar soap.  I think I'll cook mine up today!    That Fels soap smells heavenly, but you can use any natural bar soap (like Ivory or your own homemade soap), or add essential oil to scent it.  I am an essential oils nut, so maybe lemongrass or orange? 

 And I hang my clothes on a clothes line in the house, sorta like this picture of clothes hung outside.   I can't wait to make outside clothes lines in the spring.  The clothes dryer uses so much electricity and the clothes smell so much fresher hung to dry.   try it if you have a place out of the way (or not) to put up some lines, get some clothes pins or just drape the clothes over the lines.   Makes a great humidifier in the room, too!

.....and have to brag a little....the scales are down this morning.... almost 2 pounds in 4 days.  good job Diane!   :)     eating all those good veggies I bought in Buena Vista,  very little meat and all that exercise.      My short-term goal is to get smaller so I can keep up with my Mom and go swimming when I go visit them in southern California!    I'll be dead white, but who cares?     :)

Life is Good!

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