LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Good day for Crafts

Some snow fell here last night, not much.  It's blowing over the divide here, the wind is blowing today, which makes it colder in here.  Was 11 degrees when I got up...colder, blustery day here today.  What I call sideways snow.  :)
I need to get back into my usual routine trip to Breckenridge on Monday and Tuesday made me think up excuses to just sit on my sofa yesterday.  hello,  it's okay if I do that..   no guilt please...still in mind-set I should be "working" on something.   
I got up to cold 53 in here, loaded the stove to warm it up in here.  Had coffee, watched the news shows, internet, and hauled in another load of wood.  And ate breakfast of cereal, milk, blackberries and cinnamon.   Paddy is growling at birds outside, thinks he should could go out and chase them.  not today...every time he growls I have to look to see what he sees.    There are coyote tracks out there with the mice and rabbit tracks. 
I feel tired this week.  I hurt my back Saturday night helping unload firewood into my garage.  I can't do that again!  Have to let Eric unload it all.  I was throwing logs to "help" get it unloaded.    Now I sit with the heatpad or hot water bottle on my low back.  Think I'll go find that microwave flaxseed thing and heat it up for today. 
My beading table is laid out this morning to make a bracelet...will see what else comes into my head to make today.   It's too cold to go outside for a walk.   So it's another inside day for me.  Paddy has the right idea!

What do you think these tracks are?    dog? coyote? 
I think they're from a big black dog that's wandered over here....too big for coyote, and not elk.  
This pic was taken driving to Breckenridge on Hwy 9, north of Fairplay, heading north over Hoosier Pass.

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