LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday and another weekend approaches

I got up with a headache again today...all this week...right side beside my eye and ear.   I've been on the antibiotic since Monday afternoon, and have been drinking tons of water and using the neti-pot to clear the sinuses, and let the medicine work.  I'm thinking positive it will clear soon.   2 days ago, I did alot of chores getting ready for my trip...maybe overdid it some, so yesterday I just rested, except for a trip into town.  Today I'll do the same: rest, drink water, take meds, neti-pot.   I have the tea kettle on the stove putting moisture in the air.  
 It snowed some last evening and last night...not alot, but the ground is covered again, so first thing after getting up I shoveled the path for Paddy to go out, just enough so he wouldn't come in with snow on his feet!   He's a short guy.  :)
When I got up today, there were clouds, but it soon cleared off.  The sun was coming up behind Pike's Peak through the clouds.

Now at 9am, the skies are mostly clear.  Across the divide to the west and north, they're getting a lot of snow today.  Ski resorts need it.  I will drive out my driveway today to make sure I can get out. 
Today I'm going to make Granola bars or No Bake Energy Bites.   Found recipes on Pinterest and Allrecipes.  I have to decide which recipe to make today, am leaning towards the Energy Bites (no baking).  Pics from website of both:  

It's beautiful outside.   Good day to open the door and stand there and breathe in the cold fresh air.

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