LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Early Riser

I woke early 6am today, and since I don't like to lay in bed, I got up.  It was before sunrise just barely, so I grabbed my camera and took this picture plus more of the sun about to rise behind Pike's Peak.  My reward to getting up early!    I had been up at 130am, so threw 2 logs in the stove, and this morning was rewarded with them still slowly burning!  yah!    Just had to add some logs and blow on the embers for it to start.   It's warmer this morning 26...and will be 40 today.  another yah!    I'll be going into town today to get my mail, to be home in time to watch the 2 football playoff games today.   Broncos tonight....Go Broncos!    It will be a real football game like in the old days.  Gillete Stadium in Boston does not have a dome.  20 degrees at that's a true football game, open to the elements. 

Last night's sunset at Pike's Peak
 Most of the snow has melted, except for the drifts.
More tracks....probably a rabbit...these look interesting.

Yep it's my mess, and I like it.  :)

Happy Birthday to my Dad today!  He's 85.  Happy Birthday Dad!

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