LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Friday, January 13, 2012

and later today....

After watching "I Am" movie, I am reminded of my beliefs that are based on "we are all connected",  our Earth, all living things, and me.   It is an energy that runs through all things.  Whether you believe in a higher power or not, we (I) are connected by love and energy.   I am here to help others, to spread my compassion for life and ablilites to create a loving world, both around me alone, and with everyone I know and those who I don't know.  It is Love.     I just have to remember everyday to be uplifted by myself and the beautiful place I live in.       and it is good. 
I brought in 2 more loads of wood, having to use more of it in this cold times.  I'll have to call and order more soon.  I put up another cold air blocking "curtain", that makes 3 now in the hallway.   Latest one is here in the entrance to the hallway, to make this great room easier to keep warm.   Been from 53 this morning to 78 right now at 330 pm.  I'm sitting here in a sleeveless shirt!   My bedroom is cold, 60's, so will take down one curtain at night, hoping some of the heat will come down the hallway and into my bedroom.   Cold doesn't hurt me, it's just a little uncomfortable.    I'm strong, yes I am.   
Tomorrow night is the Bronco's game in the play-offs, and plan to watch both play-off games tomorrow.     Come on over and visit me!   Would love to have some company.

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