LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Monday, January 30, 2012

Historical area where I live

Beautiful day today!     Sunny, warm (upper 30's), calm and clear skies.   "the best ever"  It was nice getting outside today, to just walk outside and take in the clean crisp air. 
I've been reading books for a couple of months now, mostly about or situated in this area where I live.   Fairplay is full of historical events and places since the 1860's.   I am reading the book "Bayou Salado" The Story of South Park, by Virginia McConnell Simmons.    It was recommended at the library when I asked about books about South Park.    This book is a detailed account of how this valley was formed and about the people and mines.   What a historical place I live in!   It describes all the mines, railroads, towns, and the ebb and flow of the populations in South Park.  Plus it's full of old pictures....I am enjoying it immensely.   I like to read in the afternoons in the quiet solitude of my home.

This book has me looking forward to Spring, when I can get out and explore the places in the book.   Most of the towns and all the railroads are gone now, but the mountains remain the same as back then.
I think winter is about half over by now?  Each day is different.  Each day is a new start.    Life is Good.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

What a nice day

Sunday.  A day for everyone to relax and be with friends and family.   I've had a good day.  Spent my day with my dog Paddy.  He enjoys going outside, and I think he wants to go outside just to get a treat.   :)    The homemade dog treats I made last week are his favorite.  It's been a nice day here, outside and inside. 
I made tuna salad yesterday, and have enjoyed it on whole wheat toast.  Also the energy bites are so good, I have to try not to eat them all!  
I've been knitting on Satori's socks this weekend, too.....turned the heel yesterday, so now knitting the foot.  It's the first one of a pair, and I'm making them as knee highs. They will match the pair I knitted Alicia last summer. 
My Sunday's always start out with coffee and watching Sunday morning show.  This afternoon I watched the Men's US Ice skating championships.  The pairs skated, too, and the couple from Kansas won!   I've always enjoyed watching ice skating, especially for the Olympics.   I was going to get out today to town, but decided to go tomorrow, so I can mail a pkg at the post office.   I've been packing for my trip, mostly deciding what the is least amount of clothes and shoes to take.  LOL     Tonight is the Screen Actors Guild Awards, so that's what's on tonight. 
There was a beautiful sunset the other night.  enjoy.....

........And life continues to be good.   I am grateful.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday and another weekend approaches

I got up with a headache again today...all this week...right side beside my eye and ear.   I've been on the antibiotic since Monday afternoon, and have been drinking tons of water and using the neti-pot to clear the sinuses, and let the medicine work.  I'm thinking positive it will clear soon.   2 days ago, I did alot of chores getting ready for my trip...maybe overdid it some, so yesterday I just rested, except for a trip into town.  Today I'll do the same: rest, drink water, take meds, neti-pot.   I have the tea kettle on the stove putting moisture in the air.  
 It snowed some last evening and last night...not alot, but the ground is covered again, so first thing after getting up I shoveled the path for Paddy to go out, just enough so he wouldn't come in with snow on his feet!   He's a short guy.  :)
When I got up today, there were clouds, but it soon cleared off.  The sun was coming up behind Pike's Peak through the clouds.

Now at 9am, the skies are mostly clear.  Across the divide to the west and north, they're getting a lot of snow today.  Ski resorts need it.  I will drive out my driveway today to make sure I can get out. 
Today I'm going to make Granola bars or No Bake Energy Bites.   Found recipes on Pinterest and Allrecipes.  I have to decide which recipe to make today, am leaning towards the Energy Bites (no baking).  Pics from website of both:  

It's beautiful outside.   Good day to open the door and stand there and breathe in the cold fresh air.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Lost Art of Ironing

Today dawned a clear and sunny day, with very little wind.  nice.   On Monday I drove to Breckenridge to the Dr to get meds for my sinus infection again.  Tried to fight it on my own, but needed antibiotics to knock it.  Also I got to go to Satori's basketball game.   fun.    I drove home Tuesday morning.
I've been getting my clothes ready for my trip.  Trying on summer clothes, yuck!  At least I fit into my smaller sizes.   :)    Today I"ve been doing laundry and ironing clothes to take.    Ironing is something I enjoy.   I learned to iron when I was a child next to my Mother.  She let me sprinkle the clean clothes with one of those sprinkler things that fit into a Pepsi bottle.
Here's one I found at a thrift store, just like my Mom's.  :)

I'm talking 1950's and 60's here.  Clothes were sprinkled, rolled up, and placed in a wooden basket to let the moisture spread out.  The reason is because there were no steam irons back then.  We'd let the clothes sit overnight, then Mom and I would iron.   I got to iron the handkerchiefs and the cotton dish towels.  Everything had to be ironed, because we had no clothes dryer.....all the clothes were washed in a manual Maytag washing machine on the back porch on Saturday's, all year long despite how cold or hot it was. I got to put the clothes through the ringer and let them drop into the aluminum wash tubs to rinse..then another rinse and ringer, then they were hung outside on clotheslines.   Now you know where I get my desire to hang clothes to dry.  :)   It's therapeutic and satisfying to stand and iron clothes, all fresh from washing in my home-made laundry soap.  The old days are still the best, in my opinion.
On my way home on Tuesday, I took some pictures as I drove over Hoosier Pass.  It was a snow-packed and icy is some places, but I drive slow according to the conditions.

I am grateful everyday for the life I've been given. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Washing Dishes makes it quit snowing

Yes, it's true.   Washing dishes by hand makes the snow quit.   Just happened!  After 24 hrs of blowing snow here, the sun came out with blue skies while I was washing my dishes.  Yes I have a dishwasher, but no, it isn't operating.  I don't mind handwashing dishes, is therapeutic, relaxing, and makes my hands feel good.   Just fill the sink with hot soapy water, and let the dishes "think".....rinse and stack.  :)  
I went into Fairplay on Friday, to do my usual library, thrift shop, get the mail, and grocery store stops.   The wind had lessened Friday morning after a week of high winds here, so I left and got back in time for the snow to start up.    I can't take a chance for my driveway to drift shut.    It started to snow when I was still in town, and on the way home I could see the snow blowing over the mountains down into South Park.   I stopped and took some pictures on the road into my house of the approaching storm, and I got home just in time.  

My house sits on the left of this picture just beyond the line of trees.

And one of what it looked like out my front door within an hour of getting home.

I've been doing alot of knitting this week.  It's my favorite hobby.  Yesterday I darned a hole in a sock!   My first try at darning.    So since it was a sock I'd knitted for my daughter, you can't discard hand-knitted socks.   I used a light bulb on the inside to do the stitching to cover the hole with criss-cross stitching, closing the hole nicely.   Here the result:

 I have one more pair to do for her today.   I enjoy knitting more than anything.

Today is the NFL final play-off games before the Super Bowl, and I plan to watch.   The "best" teams left.   Sad the Broncos didn't make it, but I love watching any football, college teams are my favorite.....Kansas State!   :)

This week I've been getting up in the night to add wood to the stove, and it's paid off every morning with a warm room.  I took this picture one morning this week of the sunrise.

And a pic of the clouds before the storm arrived.    Looking south towards Buena Vista area.  

  I plan to enjoy the sunshine today here inside with my knitting, cozy fire, and chili I made yesterday, with a healthy salad with avocado.  yum


Thursday, January 19, 2012

....the weeks are flying...

Since 2012 began, my days and weeks seem to be going by fast.  It's January 19 already.  wow   Today I'm going to get back to healthy eating....I've "lapsed", as they say...eating out last weekend and eating leftover candy I bought for Christmas has raised the scales 2 pounds from where I was earlier this month!   dang.    I've been keeping a food journal, so I looked at it from when I started writing all my food down.   Sugar is the culprit.  Too many sweets.  The days I ate mostly vegetables, whole grains, and less red meat, my weight continued to drop.   dang.  :)    Also I haven't been exercising since the weather got colder.   my excuse?   when the wind is blowing and the temps are in the teens or 20's, walking outside is too cold.   my excuse....    okay Diane the whining is over.   !!   :)

Food so far today:
Coffee with creamer after I start the wood stove.
Breakfast:   2 eggs cooked in microwave with vegetable spray in glass pyrex cup.
Mid morning:  green tea with honey ( I add the honey to cover the green tea taste)  I don't like green tea, but it's full of anti-oxidents. 
so far that it's for today.    I write it down when I eat/drink it.  Water Water..when I was drinking at least one nalgene full a day, it helped to move out the you-know-what. 

I would like to drive into Fairplay, but with the winds blowing like they are, I can't take the chance of getting blown off Hwy 285.   safe is better.   And another storm coming in this weekend....will go when it's safe to drive out of here.

I'm content to stay home, cuddle with my dog, keep the wood stove going,  knitting, and counting the days to my trip to visit Mom and Dad where it's warm.  

Life is good living the simple life.

Later today.....

I made pumpkin dessert w/o the crust.  Baked it in a big cupcake pan.  I was having a sugar craving.....not getting into that candy today.   be strong...   ate one serving, good.
I had salad with avocado for lunch.   Now a cup of coffee for mid-afternoon blahs.   Looking forward to getting out tomorrow to town.  yes!
Listening to music

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wind in the Pines

I didn't take this picture, but it shows the winter view from Hwy 9 headed north over Hoosier Pass from Fairplay.
It's a quiet day here for me.... a day to rest and keep hydrated for my sinuses.  I'm also using essential oils, the best medicine ever from the Earth. 
Colorado is having high winds again.  I'm calling it The Wind in the Pines.   I'm glad there's not alot of snow to blow the roads closed here.  I keep inside where it's warm by the stove.   With constant internet connection, my day is fantastic.  Keeping in touch online sure makes my life good. My family is stretched from Kansas to Colorado to California. 
Keeping warm today with my knitting and my dog on my lap.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Moving along...

Yesterday was my daughter Alicia's birthday, so I drove to Breckenridge on Sunday, and we celebrated with 4 other friends at Dillon Dam Brewery for lunch.   Sure nice to see them, too.  Not since last August on a camping trip.  great lunch and good times.
So I came home yesterday early morning, since the snow was starting to come in.  Alicia and Satori were going skiing yesterday, and I got home before the snow started here.  Hoosier Pass can be dicey in snow storms.   I heard later yesterday that there were 2 wrecks on that pass.    grateful to be home safe and warm.   "warm" haha.  was 54 in here, so started the fire 1st thing.   Doesn't take long for it to warm up in here.  I spent the day catching up on my DVR recordings.....   and ate the leftover burger I brought home from the restaurant.     
The past 2 weeks, my sinuses have been trying to act up again.  I believe that's why I haven't done hardly anything.   Exhaustion, headache, stuffy nose.  I don't want to get another sinus infection....the last one was horrific.   The high altitude and dry air here makes my sinuses prone to inflammation.    I used my neti pot with saline water to rinse and clean out my sinuses yesterday, and they are much better today.  And I'm doctoring myself with essential oils..... I can't get sick before my upcoming vacation!    I'm going to the warm desert to visit my parents.    
Today it was -4 degrees at 730 am.   Warmed up to 19 today.  :)   I just got back from a short drive around the neighborhood here, mainly to see if my truck would get out of the driveway, since the snow and wind blew yesterday.  No problem....not enough snow to block it.   Will see how it is tomorrow....more snow tonight and high winds. 
I took a few pictures yesterday after I got home of the clouds moving in over Pike's Peak to the south.

Snow was coming in from the north into my valley here.   The sun disappeared above the cloud cover for the rest of the day.   I was snuggled inside.   :)
Fire wood was delivered yesterday, too.   I have enough for several weeks now.  A good feeling! 
Today I finished reading the book, "When I Came West", by Laurie Wagner Buyer.  I have 2 more books from the library here.   I'll pick one of them to start today.
I made home made dog treats awhile ago.   Tested them on Paddy, and he liked them.  I was almost out of the ones Alicia made at Christmas.    They are healthy with peanut butter, whole wheat flour, and oatmeal in them, and so economic to make. 
The day is half gone already.   I have a dish cloth I started knitting yesterday I could work on.   I have to have some kind of knitting project on the needles always. Calming and relaxing hand work is good. 

Life is good. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Early Riser

I woke early 6am today, and since I don't like to lay in bed, I got up.  It was before sunrise just barely, so I grabbed my camera and took this picture plus more of the sun about to rise behind Pike's Peak.  My reward to getting up early!    I had been up at 130am, so threw 2 logs in the stove, and this morning was rewarded with them still slowly burning!  yah!    Just had to add some logs and blow on the embers for it to start.   It's warmer this morning 26...and will be 40 today.  another yah!    I'll be going into town today to get my mail, to be home in time to watch the 2 football playoff games today.   Broncos tonight....Go Broncos!    It will be a real football game like in the old days.  Gillete Stadium in Boston does not have a dome.  20 degrees at that's a true football game, open to the elements. 

Last night's sunset at Pike's Peak
 Most of the snow has melted, except for the drifts.
More tracks....probably a rabbit...these look interesting.

Yep it's my mess, and I like it.  :)

Happy Birthday to my Dad today!  He's 85.  Happy Birthday Dad!

Friday, January 13, 2012

and later today....

After watching "I Am" movie, I am reminded of my beliefs that are based on "we are all connected",  our Earth, all living things, and me.   It is an energy that runs through all things.  Whether you believe in a higher power or not, we (I) are connected by love and energy.   I am here to help others, to spread my compassion for life and ablilites to create a loving world, both around me alone, and with everyone I know and those who I don't know.  It is Love.     I just have to remember everyday to be uplifted by myself and the beautiful place I live in.       and it is good. 
I brought in 2 more loads of wood, having to use more of it in this cold times.  I'll have to call and order more soon.  I put up another cold air blocking "curtain", that makes 3 now in the hallway.   Latest one is here in the entrance to the hallway, to make this great room easier to keep warm.   Been from 53 this morning to 78 right now at 330 pm.  I'm sitting here in a sleeveless shirt!   My bedroom is cold, 60's, so will take down one curtain at night, hoping some of the heat will come down the hallway and into my bedroom.   Cold doesn't hurt me, it's just a little uncomfortable.    I'm strong, yes I am.   
Tomorrow night is the Bronco's game in the play-offs, and plan to watch both play-off games tomorrow.     Come on over and visit me!   Would love to have some company.

Week of Reflections

Friday the 13th.  I didn't realize it until I looked at the calendar today....just another day...happens several times a year...just the way the calendar falls.... 
Another day of wind wind wind....the way it is here, at least no snow with it.  :)    I went for a short walk this morning, out to the road and back, and came back into the house.  I was bundled up, but the wind was piercingly cold, so cold I decided not to do another trip to the road and back.    It did get my heart pumping higher and got some fresh air in my lungs.   Recharged.  
"I Am" the movie.   I am watching this movie today, you'll get my review later.   It is highly recommended.   "What is wrong with this world?"

This week has been a journey of self worth. 
I am retired and should feel it's okay to do whatever I want.  However this week, I feel no determination to do anything, which is "okay".   The harsh cold weather this week has something to do with it.  Spring Fever?   Diane, it's a long time until spring even thinks about coming back here.  I feel the book I just finished, "Spring's Edge, A Ranch Wife's Chronicles", by Laurie Wagner Buyer,  is why I feel the way I do.

   She wrote about her life as a rancher's wife here in South Park, her failing marriage, and the hardships of living here.    Her life came into my heart, as I live here in the harsh cold and long winter.
I have Laurie Wagner Buyers other book now, "When I Came West".  Same woman, writing about how she came to the West in the 60's, to join a man she'd never met, to escape her life in Chicago.  Her life before she came to live in South Park.


The hat I'm knitting is in the final stages.  I finished a beaded bracelet yesterday, and dug out all the beaded jewelry I've done since I started beading in 1997. Amazing how much I really have made already.   I remember each piece and how it was made, and plan to make more like them.   Now I remember how I loved brick stitch and the bracelets I created.     The pieces are like a journal of my life.  

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Flowers and Plants

The sun has returned after snow yesterday, but the wind remains.  It was a very cold night, 0 degrees & wind chills -15.  It'll be 22 today.  Last night I left faucets dripping and opened the cupboards where the pipes are, and turned the heaters on low in here.  Despite the heaters on, it was the same temperature in here this morning 53.  I woke at 230am, got up, and put some sticks in the stove, but it was too late. They didn't light.   I got up at 7 today, started the fire, clicked on the coffee pot, and it warmed up to 65 in no time.   I sure would like to flip on a gas furnace, if I had one.....
My plants and african violets are thriving here.  Love plants around me...they provide beauty and keep the inside air more healthy to breathe.   So I took some pics of them this morning.......enjoy.....I do.

Christmas leaves growing.

My friend Anne gave me this plant.  That's my childhood high chair.

Orchid...on my "new" vintage tablecloth.

I enjoy all my plants everyday. They give me silent beauty to make my world here in the cold a peaceful existence.