LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Monday, December 31, 2012

Shawls by Jug

I had an inquiry about my Dad's hand woven shawls he makes, so I'll post some pics here today.

If interested, send me a comment and I'll provide details of how to purchase.

They are wonderful to wear!  
(I have several) :)

Miles and Miles

I'm sitting in an RV Park in Phoenix!  Arrived here yesterday.  I left Denver Friday morning, and stayed in a casino camping lot near Albuquerque the 1st night.  It was 12 degrees, but we were warm with a space heater and heated bed throw.   Saturday I drove towards Flagstaff on I 40, since the roads were clear and no winter weather around.  I stayed at Camp Verde, on hwy 17, in a friend's driveway.   Konrad and Lynne welcomed me into their home for food and a shower.  He installed my new solar panels and fixed some electrical issues.  I left there yesterday morning headed to Phoenix. 

Some pics along the way:

Southbound from Denver through Castle Rock

Raton Pass in New Mexico

Creative walkway in Albuerqueque

Arizona mesas

Flagstaff Mountain

I turned south on hwy 17 at Flagstaff, going to Camp Verde, AZ

Arriving in the Phoenix valley, my 1st look at these cactus everywhere! 

 Here we are, surrounded by all those "sunblockers"
Nice park, and look at all the palm trees!

Yah Mom!  we made it!  

onto the fun and festivities for the Fiesta Bowl!
Go Kansas State!  Go Cats!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

...and all is quiet here.  It's snowing here in the Denver area..making it a white Christmas.  I've been at David's house 2 weeks now. He's doing much better now with his leg.  

I drove to Boulder this afternoon to pick up Steve and we are here by ourselves this evening.  David and Holly went to her parents for their celebration.   I'm sitting here looking at their leg in the front window ....yes one just like the movie Christmas Story. :)

Steve and I had a nice dinner and we were going to watch Netflix, but they have a big outage this evening.  So we have It's a Wonderful Life on TV.   Steve is tired, so he's heading to bed soon.   I plan to enjoy the quiet house until David and Holly get home later. 

Tomorrow Alicia and Satori will arrive.   It will be a nice Christmas for me this year with all my kids and grand-daughter here for a few days.

I am grateful for my health and my family.   I leave Friday on my trip to California.  My Casita camper is ready to go. I'm proud of the work I completed to make it a cozy and comfortable place to live this winter.

It's a good life.   May everyone have some peace and contentment.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Change of plans!

I'm back in the Denver area early!  2 weeks early.   I got a call from my son David a week and a half ago while I was having dinner with my sisters in Manhattan.  He'd been to the Dr that day about his achilles injury.  He was going to have surgery the next Monday, and asked me to come back early to help him.   I was shocked to hear his leg was much worse than originally diagnosed.   He needed his leg opened more than normal to repair the torn achilles and the torn fascia above it.   Of course I will come help you David!   So I got my eggs in a row in Manhattan to drive back to Denver, arriving last Monday.  Surgery was on Tuesday.   General anesthetic and a nerve block.    He's doing very well so far, and is a good patient.   :)  I wish it was me instead of him, but that's what Mother's say, you all know.....

So that's the reason I haven't updated my blog for so long.   Busy busy with the pre-Christmas shopping and parties I attended with my sister Nease.  I went to her sorority Christmas party, where we road on a trolley around Manhattan seeing all the beautifully  decorated houses.

While in Manhattan, I did more repairs to my camper.  Installed a new flush valve on the toilet, with a water shut off valve, too.  Installed the Maxair vent on top of the camper...had to climb on top to do that.  lol   And made a new table to sit at in my tiny cabin of my camper. I did all the repairs and updates in one week, and glad I did!   Saved me a ton of money, and it's nice to be able to do it myself.  
Some pics since the last blog.

 Here's my sister Pam with her buck deer she shot!   Awesome is all I can say....

You know the saying "There's never a good time for car repairs?"   Well, it's happened to me again.   Dang check engine light came on "again" on the drive to Denver.  I pulled off I 70 at the Flagler exit.   Checked all the fluid levels...wasn't that.   Got out the manual....light is for emissions.   So I let it sit for awhile, started it up, and drove on.    Now it's going to go to the repair place on Monday.   It has to be in good running order before I leave in two weeks for my southwest tour.   dang dang.    

I'm going to drive straight to Phoenix, since I'm going to the Fiesta Bowl!!   Kansas State is playing!  Brandon is a player! :)    It will be fun to be with my sister Nease and her family again, and my Mom, too.    I have a friend near there who is going to install my solar panels, and install cable tv lines. 

I am grateful for my family and to be able to have the freedom to be where I'm needed.    Now it's time to finish wrapping those gifts!   :)

It's a good life indeed.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Busy in December

I don't know about any of you, but when the calendar crosses over into December, time really flies.   It's less than 3 weeks until I go back to Denver area for Christmas!  wow.   Guess I need to get serious about a few gifts for my family.  Our focus is on family, not the gifts, kinda like Thanksgiving day, spending time with family and food.    Of course there's a few gifts given, and always the White Elephant gift exchange between us all.  It's the most fun of the day, one person opening a funny item, deciding to keep it or stealing someone else's.    We buy something at a thrift shop to wrap up, all the while anticipating who will open it.    priceless....   :)  I've got my WE gift!   fun

 At the Christmas Parade with my sister Nease.

  Kansas State fans filled the field after they won the Big 12 Championship.  fun
 Me at the tailgate before the game.

Brandon and family on the field for Family Day before the game.

I've been to the Manhattan Christmas Parade, K State football game, and an open house for my niece Samantha while she visits Kansas.  And working on my Casita camper getting it ready for my full-timing adventure after Christmas.  I'll be heading south to New Mexico for the 1st week, then onto Phoenix area to attend the Fiesta Bowl, where Kansas State plays, with my nephew Brandon on the team.  They won last Saturday, earning the Big 12 Championship.   The fans filled the field awaiting the trophy celebration.  

 Samantha and my sister Pam.

 My niece Samantha, who lives in Georgia now, came back to visit for a few days.   Pam, my sis, had an open house on Sunday for her.   We enjoyed seeing her and visiting with friends and family.    Good luck Sam!  :)

I saw an ortho Dr for my elbow, which has been in pain for months again.....   "tennis" elbow, even though I've never been on a tennis court!   He injected a shot of cortisone in the joint, giving me immediate relief.   It's still sore and aches, so I will continue to not use that arm much.   It's hard when I'm trying to get my camper ready travel, but I'm managing okay.

My sis Nease and family bought their Christmas tree last weekend.  As I was walking up and down the aisles of all the trees, the pine aromas reminded me so much of Colorado!  

Here's my new bed in my camper!  I'm working on the new table that will sit in front of the bed, allowing me a place to sit on either side.  :)   I may have to give the new bed a try just to see how it feels, me and Paddy.