LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter winter everywhere

This is the view of my backyard.  Haven't seen the bare ground for weeks, guess that's what I get for moving up here.  :)   Is cold in the 20's everyday.  I went for a walk today with my dog out to the road and walked down the road aways.  Blue skies and clean air fill me with contentment.  I appreciate my surroundings everyday.  There are rabbit and animal tracks in this photo, but may not be able to see them.  On my walk today, out by the road, I saw a path where deer? have been trudging through the snow along the fence out there.  And no I haven't seen them!    Since it is pitch black outside I don't venture any farther than the front porch at night.  :) 

jack rabbit tracks
Today I hauled firewood, a great amount, to the front porch and inside here; probably enough for a week, before I took my walk; was outside for over an hour.   Next time I'll put on warmer socks!  wool ones I've knitted.   The nights here get down into the that a word?   I am warm inside here even though it's 6 degrees outside.
Last week the full moon was was huge coming up!  I watched it from my living room out the front window...this pic doesn't show how big it was.

 I'm looking forward to having Christmas decorations are in progress.  :)

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