LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Red Door

Well here is a picture of me today by my red front door.  I was out taking pictures of all the snow and snow drifts while the sun was shining and wind calm.  Calm before tonight that is, when high winds after midnight tonight, Day 3 of it, and this lady is ready for dead calm.  :)   Had to have my driveway plowed twice this week for the snow drifts across it and in front of my garage door.   Not much new snow, just Mother Nature blowing it down here across Brown's Pass to the west of here.
I'm standing in my driveway looking to the east towards Pike's Peak in the distance, with that big pile of snow that was plowed last night.  The fields out there have no snow on them, because the wind blew it all away.  lol

And up against my house!   I put up that tarp earlier this week to keep the drifts from blowing onto the porch.  Works great.  :)

Big drift on the side of house.  Probably be there until Spring.  :) Those are my boot tracks in the front.   My dog Paddy sits in that window on the right and looks out from the back of a sofa.  Last night, he went nuts, and we saw a bunny out there on that snow drift!   He was heading to the shelter of the trees in the front.

A "sea" of blown snow looking west.  Leadville is over those mountains BTW. 
Come on over and we'll climb on this huge pile of snow!  Almost big enough to sled down! That's where snow is piled up when it's plowed.  My little camper over there is snuggled in, surprisingly warm in there!....waiting for next summer for the camping trips I'll be taking.   :)

I love my life in the mountains, even though the weather is harsh.  I am grateful everyday for a nice place to live, where I can gaze out everyday, every minute, and feel that feeling of accomplishment and peace.

Life is Good

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  1. Enjoying your posts!! I finally figured out how to get signed up to 'follow'. This is a great way to do an online diary of what is happening! Your family will have a treasure for years to come! Happy New Year!! Let the dieting begin.... smile.... : ps