LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mother Nature is winning today

The days between Christmas and New Years this year are so different than when I was working.   Since everyone left the wind has been blowing and drifting the snow in high winds coming off the mountains into the valley here.  All I see is blowing sideways snow out my windows, piling into high drifts that are surrounding my house.  They say tomorrow will be the same.   So I thought I would drive into town today, checked Hwy 285, it was closed yesterday, and today there was a wreck blocking it this morning.  When it looked like it was open and the skies were clearer, I warmed up my car, put a sweater on Paddy, and we tried to get out of the garage. not!   snow had drifted up against the garage car was high-centered on the drift, so I pulled back in and shoveled the middle between the tire tracks and tried it again.   With my SUV in Low 4 wheel drive, it went over and through that drift, only to get stopped by the next drift in the driveway.   SO...I pulled back into the garage, shoveled the snow away from below the garage door, so it would shut, and came back into the house.    There's no going anywhere today.     I'll have to wait until the driveway can be plowed to get out.   gosh, I haven't been anywhere for 6 days, was looking forward to going to the post office and to the store and to just get out of the house.    Mother Nature says "no you're not today"
My daughter said Mother Nature is testing my mountain woman-ness.   lol    I think Mother Nature is winning today. 
I've done my laundry and hung it up in here on my clotheslines to dry, ate a couple of chocolate cookies and bacon for lunch.  don't laugh, it was excellent,  :)   and am settling in for a long night of hearing the winds outside again.   This weather reminds me of my Kansas winters as a kid, when we had white-out blizzards, and couldn't go anywhere.  Sideways snow blowing and blowing and blowing.   
From my front window of the snow drifts.
I put up a tarp to keep the snow from drifting onto the porch.

This drift is 3-4 feet deep looking out towards where Pike's Peak should be.

This picture was taken last week.....and I am looking forward to the blue skies and sunshine again!

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