LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Good to be home

I spent the weekend at my son and dil's house over the weekend in Lone Tree. My car was in for a repair, and had to wait til Monday for it.  Had a great time at their house!  A dip in the hottub with snow everywhere was wonderful.  We stayed home since it was so cold and snowy all weekend, getting out a few times for groceries and a bit of shopping.   David and I visited a friend in the hospital on Sunday, family friend who is too young to be so sick.   We felt so lucky to be healthy after that.  
Sunday I helped David make home-made noodles with beef, and pie crust for a cherry pie.  Both were so good! now he has the old family recipes for both.  
My car was done mid-day on Monday, so I came home.  Roads were a little icy in the mountains getting here, but I drive like a Grandma, so got here safe.  
Fairplay got quite a bit of snow over the weekend, maybe 8-10 inches, so my driveway was pretty deep.  Turned on 4WD and it drove right through it to my garage.   Called the guy that plows for me, and he was here in 2 hours in the dark to plow, also shoveled my sidewalk.    nice!     good service.   He's going to bring me more wood for free!   I buy the leftovers from cutting and splitting logs, cheaper and easy for me to handle and load my stove.    It's getting warm in here already this morning, started it at 730am. 
It is good to be home again.   Thankful for this house and gorgeous surroundings.
I took some pics driving home yesterday, and pics last night of the sunset and snow covered yard and fields.
....think it's about time to decorate for Christmas family is coming here this year.   :) 
West of Bailey on 285

Going west on 285 to Fairplay

Snow in my yard. Pike's Peak in the distance.

Sunset last night

I am grateful

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