LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Good Times

Christmas was wonderful this year with my family here for several days and nights.  We had such fun being together for longer than an afternoon like in previous years.  We made a "gingerboard" house on Christmas Eve.   Alicia made the house out of cardboard instead of gingerbread, much easier!   So much fun "glueing" it together with icing! 
A centerpiece for our Christmas gathering.
We played a new game, Telestrations for hours, so much laughing about what everyone drew and guessed what the others drew. 
Santa was here, too!  Left a nice gift for my grand-daughter, a new bike!   :)

Best white elephant gift!   My son bought this for his white elephant gift.  Of course my grand-daughter stole it to keep.  You can put your hand inside the mouth puppet style.   Fun for everyone! 

I enjoyed every minute.  So today the house is quiet again, Christmas decorations will stay up until after New Years.  I need a couple of days to recooperate and rest! 
Best Christmas Ever!

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