LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Monday, December 19, 2011

Dragonfly in my window

 As you all know, dragonflies are my favorite, right up there with moose.  Barb and Linda gave me this dragonfly when we had lunch this month.  It's so pretty with the background of the mountains behind.   

Looks like snow on the way again, so I moved wood again to the porch and inside the house this morning.   whew!  18 armloads should be enough until Christmas Day.  That's when my two strong sons arrive.  :)

Another pic of the elk tracks I took yesterday in my yard.


Yesterday with the sun coming in the windows and the stove not burning, I was running around with no shoes or socks on and in a t-shirt.   I had to open both doors because I was so hot.   :)   maybe I'm getting used to the cold here.  It's 25 outside today and am wearing a t-shirt again.  
Today I'm catching up on the TV shows taped last night.  so thankful I can do that...  am doing planning in my head for the cooking and baking for Christmas.   plenty of time!   :)

It was kinda chilly in here this morning after we got up, my dog Paddy and me.  Found him laying by the stove, so I moved his bed over by it, and he layed in the warmth for awhile.  cute...  smart dog...   sometimes I fill my hot water bottle, you know, the old fashion kind, not electric, and put it between us on the sofa.  Feels good on my back with him snuggling next to me.  

Hi!  I love it here by the stove! 
Snowflakes are beginning to fall here at 1245pm.   24 degrees. Time to snuggle in, and put my slippers and warmer shirt back on.  :)

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