LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Be Grateful

Mother Earth is my rock.  I can feel her deep inside me as a guide to my daily living and paths ahead. 
My favorite quote:
"The earth is your grandmother and mother, and she is sacred." 

Every morning I open the curtains and look out.  I see white snow covering most everything except the pine trees.  Snow hasn't melted since the last major storm because the temps are under freezing everyday.  We just got a dusting of snow last night.  As I look out my windows each morning while my coffee is brewing, I marvel at the new tracks in the snow near my house, mostly from rabbits and mice I think.  They are harboring the winter under the back deck, the wood piles, and in the barn and shed.  The moose spotted in September has not returned, at least when I was looking.  :)  When I was in town the other day, I overhead someone talking about seeing a moose near Hoosier Pass, so they are here.  I hope to see one again this winter.

Since I last wrote, gosh it's been 3 days, I've been busy with Christmas preparations. It doesn't look like I've done anything in here, the tree is up but not decorated.  I decided to use an artificial one this year, because where I put the tree is close to the wood stove, so will cut some pine boughs to bring in for the mountain aroma.
I've been making beaded jewelry this week, that's where all my time as gone.  :)  I better not say anymore about that.  smile....
I have a desk in my living room, so I unpacked all my beading supplies last week, and made the desk into a beading center.  It is in the full sun from the windows, and helps me see the tiny beads that are being weaved to create my own designs. 

 It is good to be back at beading.  My beading adventures started in 1995 when I saw a pair of earrings and said "I can make that", so began my love of beads and the endless ways to create beautiful jewelry.  My dear sister-in-law Carol, who passed in 2002, was my beading buddy, (sister of my late husband Jim).  We taught each other and had endless times of sitting in my camper beading at the Bluegrass Festival in Winfield, KS, where we met each year for 14 days of fun and family gatherings.   Oh those memories are just like yesterday.  

Well I can see snow blowing from the north, may be just drifting over here.  Time to get busy here. 

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