LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday is a favorite day

Sunday is a day for yourself and your families, whether you rest, work, or just do nothing, it's a day before the work week begins again.  I remember all the Sundays I spent with my family having dinners, making homemade ice cream in the summer, and having to sit "in the kitchen".   :)   
I arose before dawn today, the sun was behind Pike's Peak to the east with layers of clouds in front, and snow covered plains.  I can see the road up Pike's Peak with binoculars!   Clouds have eternally infatuated me with their beauty and changing formations, with blue sky in the background to the heavens.  
I started my wood stove this morning when it was 16 degrees outside and 63 it's 74 in here!   almost too warm...   Decided to do some re-arranging in the living/great room.   An old desk left here is moved behind my couch, where I can do crafts, type on my old Underwood manual typewriter (need a new ribbon before I can), and store all my beading, knitting, painting and drawing supplies.   Feels cozy and comforting in here, with a quilt on the couch to sit on and cover up in the evenings.  
I saw a lone coyote this morning to the west near the draw of brush that runs behind the house.   He is a different one I watched a month ago.   I think maybe there's a den of coyotes out there living this winter.  who knows, I live here where the wild life were here first.  
See the coyote?

It's a wonderful life.....

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