LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mountain living is good...

I took this picture on the street going to my daughter's house the day before Thanksgiving in Breckenridge....   the sun had a halo around it, not seen in the photo. 
Winter is a beautiful time here in the mountains.  
I am thankful to be able to stay home this winter and enjoy where I live. 
Today is Sunday, and have been resting, enjoying the day with my dog beside me, planning what I want to do tomorrow.   I brought out my beading supplies today.  There's a couple of projects I never did that have been waiting for many years.  Waiting for me to begin where I left off in creating my own designs of beaded jewelry.  I love my beads.   :) 
It's been nice here today, in the 40's, sunshine and clear blue skies.   So nice for this time of year in the Colorado Rockies.  I am grateful to be living here, my dream of many years of working full-time to retire away from the city.

See that fox?   Taken from my daughter's house in Breckenridge Thanksgiving morning in her backyard.....native creature....we are lucky to have seen it. 
I am thankful this Thanksgiving season to be alive and happy.

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