LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Friday, November 18, 2011

Good week here

Hello it's Friday, and has been a good week.   Day starts around 7am, body clock set in here, so my days start when the sun is coming up over Pike's Peak to the east.  First is coffee and news and emails to my family, which is the same routine as when I was working, but days are much slower now.  
Wind is still blowing, bringing in another front to the Rockies, and more snow for the mountains.  I am lucky here in South Park Valley....we don't get the heavy snows like on the other side of the pass to the north and west.   Thankful since I'm the snow shoveler here.  :O)  
So this morning I put on layers and went out to bring in more firewood to the porch and house.   Wood pile is out at the end of the sidewalk close to the garage.  I'm going to be smarter next time when wood is delivered, either have it closer to the garage or closer to the front door.   I carried around 8-10 arm loads in, and didn't use that old wheelbarrow out there, it has to be from the 1880's! ... was left here as decoration in the yard.    Have a big pile inside here to use this weekend;  they say snow coming, but not too much, 1-3 inches is all.   
And I need to go to Fairplay to get my mail.   No mail delivery in the mountains!     I go into town maybe 2 times a week, 6.5 miles.   
Last night there was a gorgeous sunset, so took more pics of course; one attached today, and a pic of the firewood inside my front door.   
Yesterday I started setting up my massage room, yes finally....   turned on the heat back there, and moved stuff around, boxes, furniture, etc.    Massage table is up and made up, a tapestry over the windows, and one on the wall.   Have alot more to do in that room to make ready for massages.   I need one BTW.   smile....
I'm listening to CD's by Shannon McNally this morning.  I went to her concert at Swallow Hill in Denver last summer.   Better than daytime TV for sure.    
til tomorrow......   namaste and good intentions....  Diane

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