LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blooming flowers in November

My Christmas cactus is blooming in November this year.  I love these flowers, so delicate and short lived, only blooming once a year during the holiday season.   They will be gone by Christmas this year, so I am enjoying the flowers while they visit me in their spendor. 
It doesn't seem possible November is almost past....with December in sight, with 31 days til we celebrate the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012.   2012?   where did the last 10 years go?     Busy with our lives, always looking ahead instead of where we are right now.   Now is right now, this minute, savor the moment.  I am grateful for this moment.
The hat I've been working on is in the final stages of decreasing the crown.  I could finish it today....will see....   I'm waiting on a load of firewood to be delivered today.   The last of my firewood for heat is about gone.  It lasted 26 days, not too bad for over a month's heat.   My living room is heated by passive solar from the windows everyday, and stays in the lower 70's without any heat on at all.   Pretty good for living at 10000 feet.  


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mountain living is good...

I took this picture on the street going to my daughter's house the day before Thanksgiving in Breckenridge....   the sun had a halo around it, not seen in the photo. 
Winter is a beautiful time here in the mountains.  
I am thankful to be able to stay home this winter and enjoy where I live. 
Today is Sunday, and have been resting, enjoying the day with my dog beside me, planning what I want to do tomorrow.   I brought out my beading supplies today.  There's a couple of projects I never did that have been waiting for many years.  Waiting for me to begin where I left off in creating my own designs of beaded jewelry.  I love my beads.   :) 
It's been nice here today, in the 40's, sunshine and clear blue skies.   So nice for this time of year in the Colorado Rockies.  I am grateful to be living here, my dream of many years of working full-time to retire away from the city.

See that fox?   Taken from my daughter's house in Breckenridge Thanksgiving morning in her backyard.....native creature....we are lucky to have seen it. 
I am thankful this Thanksgiving season to be alive and happy.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Days

Getting together with my children and grand-daugher this week was fun and gave me a good feeling of togetherness and good times again with family.   We had a quiet Thanksgiving Day, enjoying wonderful food and talking and playing board games.   The day after we had a gathering at my home.....did a fish fry, and sat around and talked, listened to music, and enjoyed the day together.    I snowed most of the day on Friday, mostly drifting snow from the west/north again.    Wood stove warming the house made the day feel cozy and heart warming. Sharing stories, playing with our dogs, and laughing about lots of things.   :)

Today I wound down this afternoon, resting and catching up on DVR shows from this week.... The sun set in a clear sky and no wind.....  

The reason for the season is family, and I've enjoyed it so much.   

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's the first day...

It is the first day for massage client at my job!   Just one client, but am happy and grateful to be scheduled.   some first day jitters of course....but will do plan to drive to Breckenridge ahead of time to get oriented to the setup, etc.  I am excited for this... 
Planning for Thankgiving at my daughter's house, and joined by my son.  Of course grand-daughter, too.   She wants the pink fluff dish, so I promised I would bring that and pumpkin pies.   Friday my other son and daughter-in-law are visiting my house for a fish fry of fish caught in Kansas in October.   Daugher and g-daugher are joining us, too.
It's a beautiful day again....sunny skies and warmer.   40's predicted for the rest of the week yah!   until Friday... will give everyone that's driving anywhere more safety.  
Pic for today is a sunset last week...interesting cloud formations.....

Monday, November 21, 2011

Upon the week of feasting and family

Thanksgiving week.....I am thankful for my family and friends, and all the blessings I have received.   I look forward to gathering with my children later this week, to share a healthy home-cooked meal.  I am taking the pumpkin pies.  :)  It's a day to remember all who have passed and are still in our lives and hearts.
The weekend was good here at my house.   Most everyday I tackle a box to unpack and to make my house comfortable and cozy.    Today more firewood brought in to the porch.  I'll have to order more soon.  
So I decided to not use the clothes dryer!     I have clothes lines up in my dining room, and works great.    But I plan to take them down for when having visitors.    Growing up we never had a dryer, always hung our clothes outside, even in the winter....freeze dried LOL.     My Mother still hangs her clothes outside most of the time.   Those of you who grew up when I did will know.....    I am trying to save on the electric bill mostly.   All electric house is not cost efficient any more.    that's my story..... 
3 days til I see my kids again, looking forward to it!     Thankful we can be together.
It's cloudy here today, not too cold, 30's.   maybe a nap in order.....
Inspiration for today.   

It's snowing...came in from the south...watched it cover Pike's Peak and onto South Park Valley.    Hot chocolate and audio book on....

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday is a favorite day

Sunday is a day for yourself and your families, whether you rest, work, or just do nothing, it's a day before the work week begins again.  I remember all the Sundays I spent with my family having dinners, making homemade ice cream in the summer, and having to sit "in the kitchen".   :)   
I arose before dawn today, the sun was behind Pike's Peak to the east with layers of clouds in front, and snow covered plains.  I can see the road up Pike's Peak with binoculars!   Clouds have eternally infatuated me with their beauty and changing formations, with blue sky in the background to the heavens.  
I started my wood stove this morning when it was 16 degrees outside and 63 it's 74 in here!   almost too warm...   Decided to do some re-arranging in the living/great room.   An old desk left here is moved behind my couch, where I can do crafts, type on my old Underwood manual typewriter (need a new ribbon before I can), and store all my beading, knitting, painting and drawing supplies.   Feels cozy and comforting in here, with a quilt on the couch to sit on and cover up in the evenings.  
I saw a lone coyote this morning to the west near the draw of brush that runs behind the house.   He is a different one I watched a month ago.   I think maybe there's a den of coyotes out there living this winter.  who knows, I live here where the wild life were here first.  
See the coyote?

It's a wonderful life.....

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sensational at Sixty

A friend of mine gave this mug to me on my birthday in September.   Thankyou Sara!
It's great mug and I use it most everyday for my coffee and chai tea. 
Today is Saturday, so it's a day for college football, GO KSTATE WILDCATS beat Texas tonight!   My nephew Brandon is a kicker for KSU, and we are hoping he plays tonight, after all, he can kick a 45 yard field goal.  :)
At my age LOL, I don't feel I've left the fifties at all.....mind and body are still in the 1960's---the best decade of this century.  Never mind old arthur is trying to take over, I keep moving to stay healthy and young.  
As I look outside today, the clouds are gathering, perhaps some of the white stuff may fall.    It's a great day to be alive and to be where I am now.   
Enjoy your day

Inspiration Today

Friday, November 18, 2011

Inspiration for today

Good week here

Hello it's Friday, and has been a good week.   Day starts around 7am, body clock set in here, so my days start when the sun is coming up over Pike's Peak to the east.  First is coffee and news and emails to my family, which is the same routine as when I was working, but days are much slower now.  
Wind is still blowing, bringing in another front to the Rockies, and more snow for the mountains.  I am lucky here in South Park Valley....we don't get the heavy snows like on the other side of the pass to the north and west.   Thankful since I'm the snow shoveler here.  :O)  
So this morning I put on layers and went out to bring in more firewood to the porch and house.   Wood pile is out at the end of the sidewalk close to the garage.  I'm going to be smarter next time when wood is delivered, either have it closer to the garage or closer to the front door.   I carried around 8-10 arm loads in, and didn't use that old wheelbarrow out there, it has to be from the 1880's! ... was left here as decoration in the yard.    Have a big pile inside here to use this weekend;  they say snow coming, but not too much, 1-3 inches is all.   
And I need to go to Fairplay to get my mail.   No mail delivery in the mountains!     I go into town maybe 2 times a week, 6.5 miles.   
Last night there was a gorgeous sunset, so took more pics of course; one attached today, and a pic of the firewood inside my front door.   
Yesterday I started setting up my massage room, yes finally....   turned on the heat back there, and moved stuff around, boxes, furniture, etc.    Massage table is up and made up, a tapestry over the windows, and one on the wall.   Have alot more to do in that room to make ready for massages.   I need one BTW.   smile....
I'm listening to CD's by Shannon McNally this morning.  I went to her concert at Swallow Hill in Denver last summer.   Better than daytime TV for sure.    
til tomorrow......   namaste and good intentions....  Diane

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sunrise of New Path

Dragonflies are a special part of my life, as they represent wandering beautiful creatures who bring happiness and joy wherever they are.   I am a dragonfly discovering a new way of living.  Somewhere Over the Rainbow is my favorite song.

The beginning of the rest of my life is everyday, but a special day of my life occured on September 22, 2011, as it was the day I began living in "retirement".... the day after my last day of full-time work.    I miss my friends there where we had fun and worked hard, too.

I am a Certified Massage Therapist, trained and graduated from Colorado School of Healing Arts in December 2010, and now beginning my life with massage therapy as a profession and to work part-time.    My dream to do massage began in 1995 when I received my first massage, and my life was changed forever.  I could see myself as a massage therapist, but the dream lie dormant until 2010, when I was given the opportunity to go to massage school in addition to working a full-time job.  

Two days after my last day at work, my dream to live in the mountains came true, too, after months of planning.     I left the city life to return to a rural life in the mountains of Colorado in a majestic valley of beautiful vistas and scenes with wildlife and tranquililty.   I am blessed.   

I am grateful for everything I have been given and where my path has guided me.   I have a wonderful family of a daughter, two sons, a daughter-in-law, and one grand-daughter.      

Days now are getting used to the slow pace of daily living, and to the fact I can do "what I want".   I enjoy looking out the windows of my house everyday at the gorgeous valley and mountains,  more knitting, reading books, watching movies and favorite shows on TV, cooking simple meals, and taking care of my dog Paddy.   
My new job as a massage therapist hasn't started yet as the ski resort is slow right now.   so that's bring me up to today, November 16, 2011.
it's wonderful life......